Roadtripping: Filling my Car With Baseball Cards

About two years ago, very early in the One Million Cubs Project, I stumbled on someone who tweeted a picture of about 50 monster boxes. Someone asked about them, and was told they could have them if they picked it all up.

The original person inquiring was a thousand miles or so away. I took a look at the Twitter profile…and he was only two hours away from me, and just 30 minutes from where I grew up and most of my family still resides.

I reached out to Shannon and asked if they were available. He said yes, and wanted nothing in return. Wow! About the same time, I had pulled a Harrison Bader autograph out of a box of Topps. He wanted to buy it, and said it’s yours for the boxes. That was our first trade, and I’ve made trips about a half dozen more times to fill the back of my SUV. Recent trades, though, involved beer for baseball cards after learning his love for craft beer.

Being locked down for the past few months, it was finally time to get out of town and planned a weekend trip to visit my mom. I let Shannon know, and in the past couple months had acquired even more cards to add to my pile.

On Saturday, I made the trek armed with a box of Ray Lankford cards, a six pack of Hoppy Blond Ale from Third Space Brewing, and a mixed six pack of IPA’s.

My plan was to have some beers in my hometown and sort some of the boxes. I had forgot my mom found about a dozen 800-count boxes of baseball cards several months ago. So, I flipped through a couple of these boxes.

It was to be expected it was all junk era, so far, and through a couple boxes only found about 10 Cubs baseball cards.

Too bad this find wasn’t 28 years ago…A few cards of former Yankees Uber prospect Brien Taylor. I wonder if we will be talking about Jasson Dominguez in 2048 like we talk about Brien Taylor today?

That has been the extent of flipping through these cards, but so many more boxes to sort. I’ll offer a follow up in a week or two with what I find.

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