All-Time Chicago Cubs Roster – Letter T

Chicago Cubs baseball all-time roster of players with the last name starting with the letter “T.”

Jerry Tabb1B1976
Pat Tabler2B1981-1982
So TaguchiRF2009
Hisanori TakahashiP2013
Bob TalbotOF1953-1954
Chuck TannerOF1957-1958
Kevin TapaniP1996-2001
El TappeC1954-1962
Ted TappeOF1955
Bennie TateC1934
Ramon TatisP1997
Julian TavarezP2001
Chink TaylorOF1925
Danny TaylorOF1929-1932
Harry Taylor1B1932
Jack TaylorP1898-1903, 1906-1907
Sammy TaylorC1958-1962
Tony Taylor2B1958-1960
Zack TaylorC1929-1933
Bud TeachoutP1930-1931
Taylor TeagardenC2014-2015
Patsy Tebeau3B1887
Amaury TelemacoP1996-1998
John TenerP1888-1889
Adonis TerryP1894-1897
Zeb Terry2B1920-1922
Wayne Terwilliger2B1949-1951
Bob TewksburyP1987-1988
Moe ThackerC1958-1962
Ryan Theriot2B2005-2010
Frank ThomasPH1960-1961, 1966
Lee Thomas1B1966-1967
Red ThomasOF1921
Scot ThompsonOF1978-1983
Bobby ThomsonOF1958-1959
Andre Thornton1B1973-1976
Walter ThorntonOF1895-1898
Bob ThorpeP1955
Dick TidrowP1979-1982
Bobby TiefenauerP1968
Ozzie TimmonsLF1995-1996
Ben TincupP1928
Joe TinkerSS1902-1912, 1916
Bud TinningP1932-1934
Al ToddC1940-1943
Jim ToddP1974, 1977
Chick Tolson1B1926-1930
Ron TompkinsP1971
Fred ToneyP1911-1913
Hector TorresSS1971
Paul TothP1962-1964
Steve TrachselP1993-1999, 2007
Chad Tracy3B2010
Jim TracyOF1980-1981
Bill TraffleyC1878
Fred TreaceyOF1874
Bill TremelP1954-1956
Manny Trillo3B1975-1978, 1986-1988
Coaker TriplettOF1938
Steve TroutP1983-1987
Harry Truby2B1895-1896
Jen-Ho TsengP2013, 2017-2019
Michael TuckerLF2001
Pete TurgeonSS1923
Jacob TurnerP2014-2015
Ted TurnerP1920
Babe TwomblyOF1920-1921
Lefty TylerP1918-1921
Earl TyreeC1914
Jim TyroneOF1972-1975
Wayne TyroneOF1976
Mike Tyson2B1980-1981

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