One Million Cubs Project on The Card Life TV Show

The Card Life is a new TV show dedicated to passionate collectors in the hobby. It airs new episodes every month on Bally Sports regional networks (formerly Fox Sports regional networks).


Brandon Verzal is the brains behind the show that is hosted by San Diego Padres pitcher Matt Strahm. Strahm is a baseball card collector himself. Brandon reached out to me in May 2021 and asked if I would be interested in filming a segment for the show as he was driving from Nebraska to Green Bay. The Card Life TV show, sponsored by Loupe, was going to film Packers running back A.J. Dillon break boxes on Loupe.

One Million Cubs Project on The Card Life TV Show

I was in! Brandon arrived a few weeks later and we hung out in my Cubs Cave for a few hours talking baseball cards, our backgrounds in college sports and media, and of course my Cubs collection.

The Card Life TV Show cameras

Below is the entire Card Life TV show that aired during the month of August.

It was a great experience sharing my Cubs baseball card collection with Brandon and all of the viewers watching on Bally Sports Networks. Also cool…that’s my friend Ryan Haack, as he was featured on the same episode.

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