2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Break

It’s well documented on my blog that Bowman is my favorite product to rip. Not only Bowman, but Bowman Chrome, and the popular Mega Boxes. Bowman Chrome now has Mega Boxes that hit retail stores and this week they began showing up at Wal-Mart stores. I was lucky to find one and here is my 2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box break.


2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Break

Before we get to the break, here is the down low on this year’s product. The 2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Boxes carry a retail price of $39.98. Each mega box contains five packs of Bowman Chrome with five cards per pack. Additionally, the chase is the two Mega Box refractor packs of five cards each.

Just weeks ago the Bowman Chrome hobby boxes hit the market and depending where you bought them carried a hefty price tag between $200 and $350 per hobby box. That breaks down to $3.33 per card on the low side ($200 hobby box) to $5.83 per card on the high end ($350 hobby box).

2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Break

At $39.98 and you are not interested in chasing the autographs, a mega box will run you about $1.60 per base chrome card, or about $1.15 per card including the mega box refractors. A much better value.

2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Checklist

Here is the checklist for 2021 Bowman Chrome mega box refractors. This does not include the regular Bowman Chrome from the base packs, only the refractors.

BCP-151 Victor Acosta
BCP-152 Logan Gilbert
BCP-153 Kevin Made
BCP-154 Helcris Olivarez
BCP-155 Reid Detmers
BCP-156 Jordyn Adams
BCP-157 Shea Langeliers
BCP-158 Kristian Robinson
BCP-159 Alek Thomas
BCP-160 Drew Waters
BCP-161 Julio Carreras
BCP-162 Braden Shewmake
BCP-163 Maximo Acosta
BCP-164 Drew Romo
BCP-165 Grayson Rodriguez
BCP-166 Heston Kjerstad
BCP-167 Miguel Bleis
BCP-168 Triston Casas
BCP-169 Jeter Downs
BCP-170 Jarren Duran
BCP-171 Cristian Hernandez
BCP-172 Gabriel Arias
BCP-173 Brennen Davis
BCP-174 Jared Kelley
BCP-175 Hunter Greene
BCP-176 Yoelqui Cespedes
BCP-177 Austin Hendrick
BCP-178 Nick Lodolo
BCP-179 Alexander Mojica
BCP-180 Gabriel Rodriguez
BCP-181 Jeferson Quero
BCP-182 Tyler Freeman
BCP-183 Zac Veen
BCP-184 Malvin Valdez
BCP-185 Michael Toglia
BCP-186 Cristian Santana
BCP-187 Spencer Torkelson
BCP-188 Riley Greene
BCP-189 Pedro Leon
BCP-190 Jeremy Pena
BCP-191 Eduardo Garcia
BCP-192 Miguel Amaya
BCP-193 Bobby Witt Jr.
BCP-194 Asa Lacy
BCP-195 Blaze Jordan
BCP-196 Luis Rodriguez
BCP-197 Wilman Diaz
BCP-198 Josiah Gray
BCP-199 Yiddi Cappe
BCP-200 JJ Bleday
BCP-201 Max Meyer
BCP-202 Luis Medina
BCP-203 Hedbert Perez
BCP-204 Garrett Mitchell
BCP-205 Matt Manning
BCP-206 Misael Urbina
BCP-207 Emmanuel Rodriguez
BCP-208 Alexander Ramirez
BCP-209 Francisco Alvarez
BCP-210 Ronny Mauricio
BCP-211 Matthew Allan
BCP-212 Alexander Vizcaino
BCP-213 Jasson Dominguez
BCP-214 Austin Wells
BCP-215 Milkar Perez
BCP-216 Pedro Pineda
BCP-217 Tyler Soderstrom
BCP-218 Robert Puason
BCP-219 Mick Abel
BCP-220 Oswald Peraza
BCP-221 Ed Howard
BCP-222 Shalin Polanco
BCP-223 Po-Yu Chen
BCP-224 Nick Gonzales
BCP-225 Robert Hassell
BCP-226 Malcom Nunez
BCP-227 CJ Abrams
BCP-228 Luis Toribio
BCP-229 Marco Luciano
BCP-230 Patrick Bailey
BCP-231 Julio Rodriguez
BCP-232 Gilberto Celestino
BCP-233 Emerson Hancock
BCP-234 Matthew Liberatore
BCP-235 Nolan Gorman
BCP-236 Jordan Walker
BCP-237 Brett Baty
BCP-238 Carlos Colmenarez
BCP-239 Jhonny Piron
BCP-240 Wander Franco
BCP-241 Adley Rutschman
BCP-242 Justin Foscue
BCP-243 Nick Yorke
BCP-244 Manuel Beltre
BCP-245 Austin Martin
BCP-246 Jordan Groshans
BCP-247 Armando Cruz
BCP-248 Jeremy De La Rosa
BCP-249 Starlin Aguilar
BCP-250 Cade Cavalli


2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Odds

There are 33 autograph subjects on the 2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box break checklist. Odds of pulling a base autograph fall one in 10 packs, or one autograph per every five boxes, on average.

2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Break Odds

The Break

It was an exciting 2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box break. The collation was a little wacky in the base chrome packs as you will see in the video. And then when I opened the mega box refractor packs, I was excited to pull a 1st chrome purple refractor of one of the top players!

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