Another Piece Added to my Ty Griffin Collection

As stated many times before, Ty Griffin’s 1989 Topps #1 Draft Pick card began my obsession with Cubs baseball cards. Since the late 1990’s I have loosely collected Ty Griffin cards and any memorabilia I can find (I can’t find any). One of my first EBay purchases (back on my old webTV in 1998) wasContinue reading “Another Piece Added to my Ty Griffin Collection”

An Autograph Heavy Mailday Monday

Four packages welcomed me home on Monday afternoon. That’s a great “case of the Monday’s.” The packages were almost exclusively autographs, mainly from eBay purchases. One such package was not an eBay purchase, and it’s my favorite of the mailday. Ethan Roberts was the Cubs 4th round draft pick out of Tennessee Tech this pastContinue reading “An Autograph Heavy Mailday Monday”

One Million Cubs Project Giveaway Winner Is…

For the past week, the One Million Cubs Project has asked followers (and new followers) to retweet our tweet for a flat rate box giveaway. Tonight is the night we announce a winner. The box includes a 2015 Bowman Draft complete set, an unopened box of Topps Stickers, several unopened packs, a Brewers bobblehead, MarkContinue reading “One Million Cubs Project Giveaway Winner Is…”

2018 Bowman Platinum Cubs Review

Bowman Platinum hit Wal-Mart stores this week. It’s sold in three different packages: value boxes for $79.99, blaster boxes for $19.99, and packs for $5.99. It seems as though demand is much lower for the product this year than in previous years. The 2017 product was hot because it was the first in-pack rookie cardContinue reading “2018 Bowman Platinum Cubs Review”

The Roots of my Javier Baez Fandom

I’ve been a Javier Baez fan since shortly after he was drafted 9th overall in the 2011 Major League Baseball draft by the Chicago Cubs. Baez had an amazing senior year at Arlington Country Day High School in Jacksonville, Florida. How amazing? He hit .771 (64 hits in 83 at bats), 22 home runs, 20Continue reading “The Roots of my Javier Baez Fandom”

A View of Two Million Baseball Cards – Video

Happy Birthday, America. The 4th of July falling on a Wednesday gives me an extra day of sorting. This morning I’m working on finishing up a couple team trades (Rockies and Red Sox). Yesterday, Cards From The Attic tweeted a question to his followers asking how many cards were in their collections. I responded withContinue reading “A View of Two Million Baseball Cards – Video”

Meeting P-Town Tom From Waiting 'Til Next Year Blog

Not only have I met awesome traders online, I’ve completed a few deals in person with collectors I’ve met online. Chalk up another in person trade this past Saturday. A fellow Cubs collector (and Dan Vogelbach super collector), P-Town Tom, and I met this weekend for a swap. A few months ago I found Tom’sContinue reading “Meeting P-Town Tom From Waiting 'Til Next Year Blog”

One Million Cubs Flat Rate Giveaway

Over the past six months I have met, conversed, and traded with dozens upon dozens of fellow collectors. There has been great conversation and even more generosity. It’s time to pay it forward. Over the next week, I will be offering up one flat rate box filled with baseball collectibles. The box will be randomlyContinue reading “One Million Cubs Flat Rate Giveaway”