Largest Trade Hauls In Nearly 4,000 Cubs Cards

Many of my bulk team trades involve a medium flat rate box. Pretty simple to fill these boxes and I haven’t found too many collectors that have around 4,000 Cubs cards to quickly throw in a large flat rate box. Until now. Rick from Dover, New Hampshire reached out via email a few weeks agoContinue reading “Largest Trade Hauls In Nearly 4,000 Cubs Cards”

Trade Review: Twitter's @BoRosny

Two boxes came in the mail on Friday. The second box was from Bo Rosny (@borosny on Twitter). This deal was 500 Yankees for Cubs, specifically oddball issues and cards from 1997 to present. This was a great trade because it filled many of my Cubs needs from the early 2000’s. Over the years, IContinue reading “Trade Review: Twitter's @BoRosny”