Tuesday Trade Review: New Sosa and Rizzo Refractor

Today’s trade review is courtesy of Roy, @roleiii on Twitter. I sent over some Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expos in exchange for 180 Chicago Cubs cards (plus one).

That plus one is a new addition to the collection. A rarity to find new adds from the junk era, but since this 1989 Donruss Baseball’s Best features Sosa in a Texas Rangers uniform it’s something I haven’t really sought out. I do love this card for two reasons. First, it’s Sosa on the 1989 Donruss design, one of my favorite junk era designs. Second, there are not many Sosa Rangers cards from early in his career. This card will not count toward the one million, but it will go into my Cubs collection.

Two new Ryne Sandberg’s join the collection. First, is a gimmicky insert from 1998 Pinnacle. This is from the Stand Up Guys insert set. Sandberg is featured on the front with a Minnesota Twins player. On the reverse side is Eddie Murray and Rickey Henderson.

And from his post-playing days is a 2009 Goodwin Champions. A great photo chosen of Sandberg from early in his career wearing a fantastic mustache.

Along came a refractor. Anthony Rizzo here with a 2013 Topps Chrome refractor.

And the player that brought Rizzo to Wrigley Field….Andrew Cashner. Here’s his 2010 Bowman Chrome rookie.

Another rookie, this one serial numbered. David Patton never made a splash with the Cubs. This 2009 Upper Deck Icons rookie is numbered 524/999.

Blake Lalli appeared in six games for the Chicago Cubs and was in the 2010 Bowman Chrome set. Some uniqueness to this one. It appears as if it has been prepped with baby powder for autographing.

Here’s a rookie that did make a big league splash, and he did so in Chicago, too. Just happened to be on the wrong side of town. Jon Garland turned in an impressive career with the White Sox after the first round Cubs draft pick was traded for Matt Karchner. One of those “ouch” trades. He appeared with Geoff Goetz on this 1998 Topps rookie card.

Albert Almora also shows up with a pre-rookie card. It’s his 2012 Elite Extra Edition.

And one of my favorite long time big leaguers that spent a very short time of his career with the Cubs. Benito Santiago played 20 seasons in Major League Baseball. Only one of them was with the Cubs, in 1999. Santiago got a Cubs card on this 1999 Victory.

Thanks, Roy, for a great trade!

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