Mailday Saturday: Pre-Rookie Ryne Sandberg

Throughout the years I have had many Cubs cards on my want list. Last week, one set was scratched off that list when I acquired a sealed complete set of 1990 Topps TV.

This week, another card has been crossed off that want list, but this one will not count toward the One Million Cubs cards because it’s not a Cubs card. The 1981 TCMA Ryne Sandberg is part of the Oklahoma City 89ers set, a Philadelphia Phillies minor league set.

Sandberg came up through the Philadelphia Phillies minor league system before a trade to the Chicago Cubs. Over the years I have always eyed this particular set, especially a decade ago when I began picking the up several minor league team sets.

Typically, this set has been running for an average of $60. Since the quest to collect a million Cubs cards began roughly six weeks ago I have begun searching for some of these cards I have long wanted including this non-Cubs entry.

There were two of these cards in a PSA 7 for sale on eBay for $39.99 delivered. My wife gave me an eBay gift card for Valentine’s Day and with 8% eBay bucks in effect I quickly made the purchase. It was purchased Thursday and in my mailbox Saturday. That’s a great turnaround.

I still have funds left on the card and will be saving it for when something else pops up. Two more cards on my want list are an Ernie Banks rookie card and an old 1887 Old Judge card of any Cubs player. At one time, a seller had a few authenticated Old Judges for sale in the $125 vicinity, but haven’t seen them listed in a while. A future blog post will list some more Cubs want list items.

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