Pearl Jam Adds Some Cubs to the Collection

Pearl Jam is my all time favorite band. Wrigley Field is my all time favorite place on Earth. Those worlds collided Saturday.

Pearl Jam played their first of two concerts Saturday night, and this was my second time seeing them play Wrigley.

It was an amazing show, and the band played my favorite song early on, “Elderly Woman Standing Behind the Counter in a Small Town.” Pearl Jam also covered Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down,” and David Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel.”

At the August 2016 show, Eddie Vedder played “Someday We’ll Go All the Way,” and it still gives me goosebumps. Three months later the Chicago Cubs did in fact go all the way. For the first time, that World Series trophy appeared on stage with Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field. Tom Ricketts brought out the trophy, and then Pearl Jam covered David Bowie’s classic, “Rebel Rebel.”

The band’s official merchandise is a hot seller, and one of my favorite items is the trading cards. Even better, each band member had a card wearing a Cubs jersey. Of course, these will count toward the One Million Cubs Project. Eddie Vedder is always my favorite card. Vedder grew up in Evanston as a Cubs fan. His favorite player was Jose Cardenal.

Stone Gossard is a founding member of Pearl Jam, and was also a member of Mother Love Bone and Temple of the Dog with other members of the band.

Bassist Jeff Ament is another founding member of the band. He was born in Havre, Montana.

Mike McCready is the fourth founding member of Pearl Jam. Playing lead guitar, McCready was also a member of Mad Season with the late Alice In Chains lead singer Layne Staley.

On keys is Boom Gaspar. The native of Hawaii whose given name is Kenneth joined Pearl Jam in 2002.

This is such a great set of cards. In total there are 61 cards plus three stickers. The backs of the cards create a poster of the band.

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Saturday’s (8/18/2018) cards: 18

Saturday’s (8/18/2018) packages: 2

Weekly count: 1,251

Total count: 149,619

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