Pearl Jam Adds Some Cubs to the Collection

Pearl Jam is my all time favorite band. Wrigley Field is my all time favorite place on Earth. Those worlds collided Saturday. Pearl Jam played their first of two concerts Saturday night, and this was my second time seeing them play Wrigley. It was an amazing show, and the band played my favorite song earlyContinue reading “Pearl Jam Adds Some Cubs to the Collection”

Jose Cardenal Feuds With Manager

I love history. Especially when it comes to local history, and especially Chicago Cubs history. The 1970’s is a fascination as it was the decade before my birth (1982). The local newspaper near my hometown has begun digitizing old issues, and is now updated through 1979 and on occasion I’ll pass the time by readingContinue reading “Jose Cardenal Feuds With Manager”

One Million Cubs Project on Pearl Jam

No mail came today, but there were two packages in the mailbox Monday. The first, from Mark, contained the vintage I blogged about yesterday. The second package was the 20-card lot of 1990 Topps TV cards I purchased from eBay last week. When time permits, I’ll do a full post on the Cubs Topps TVContinue reading “One Million Cubs Project on Pearl Jam”