Merry Christmas! 250K

Merry Christmas! It’s a special holiday for the One Million Cubs Project.


Cubs Count: 243,808

On Christmas Eve, the big brown truck (UPS) dropped off a box of Cubs from Matt in Minnesota.

There were plenty of Ryne Sandberg cards inside. Have you ever gone through a box of cards and one or two look completely unfamiliar, yet you probably have some in our collection? That was the case with the 1982 Topps Traded Dan Briggs and Allen Ripley cards.


Cubs Count: 244,413

A couple hours later I heard the purr of the USPS truck. It was a light mail day with one bubble mailer inside the mail box. It was a pretty nice Mailday, though. Another addition for the Cole Roederer collection: 2018 Leaf Metal Draft autograph 3/15.

Cubs Count: 244,414

About 15 minutes later, my wife says: “the mailman is in our driveway.” That’s odd, so I checked it out to see the mailman lugging two large flat rate boxes and a couple bubble mailers to my door.

One bubble mailer included another Cole Roederer addition, the 2018 Elite Extra Edition orange 41/100.


Cubs Count: 244,415

The other bubble mailer was the final shipment of the Elite Extra Edition breaks I bought into. This was a 10-box break, and may have been the best of the three.

Only three base cards: D.J. Wilson and a couple Miguel Amaya’s.

It must have been the D.J. Wilson case. Along with the base I pulled a dual auto/relic 10/49, red die-cut auto 17/75, and Aspirations parallel 28/75.

My second Erling Moreno Quad Relic. This was is nicer than the last as it has a bunch of color. Three of the swatches have three colors. It’s numbered 13/49.

An Erling Moreno orange 79/100.

Brennen Davis auto 95/100.

And another Cole Roederer for the collection. This is another base auto.

Cubs Count: 244,425


And then there were two large flat rate boxes! I had an idea that I was going to hit 250,000 Cubs cards this week because Rick in New Hampshire said he was sending these out. This will be our third trade.

I’m very happy that he gave me the count on these, so I don’t have to spend Christmas morning counting 5,892 Cubs cards. Thanks, Rick!

That’s what two large flat rate gaming boxes of Cubs cards look like.


Cubs Count: 250,317

One Million Cubs Project Stats

Monday’s (12/24/2018) Cards: 6,509

Monday’s (12/24/2018) Packages: 6

Weekly Count: 6,509

Total Count: 250,317

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