Steve Surprises With 2020 Topps Cubs Hits

A package arrived last week from Steve in Cleveland. It was not a package I was expecting. We completed a trade a few weeks ago, and this bubble mailer came as a surprise.


The contents inside were an even bigger surprise. A stack of 10 Cubs cards mostly in top loaders. I have acquired many Cubs cards from 2020 Topps, but most all of these cards I did not have.

A Robel Garcia 1985 insert from the silver packs. These are really sharp looking cards. I also really like the 1985 Topps design so to me this set really pops on the silver pack chromium.

Nico Hoerner also received a rookie card in 2020 Topps, and look how sharp this silver pack 1985 insert looks.

Moving on to a veteran, here’s the Kris Bryant 1985 silver pack card.

And a Cubs legend gets the 1985 Silver Pack treatment. Ryne Sandberg actually played in 1985 and had a 1985 Topps card. Some collectors like when players get cards on a design they had been on during their playing days (like Sandberg and 1985), while other collectors really dislike. I’m a sucker for the design, so I enjoy seeing it.

One more silver pack and it’s another Sandberg. This card is a blue parallel and is numbered 111/150.

A couple of the 1985 inserts from the base set were also included. But this pair are black border parallels. First up: Kyle Schwarber numbered 8/299.

And another Ryne Sandberg parallel. It’s numbered 6/299.

Sticking with the 1985 theme, a trio of the 1985 relic including Kris Bryant.

My guy Javier Baez. Very cool seeing Javy in the 1985 Topps design, and a jersey relic makes it even better.

Finally, how about this. Another Javy Baez, and this jersey relic is a black parallel numbered 165/199.

A very cool and unexpected Mailday, so I’ll have to dig up some cool Cleveland items to send to Steve.

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