Super Trade with a Carlton Fisk Supercollector

Many of the trades that take place in the One Million Cubs Project originate on Twitter. It was actually the last place I expected to find such a great hobby trading community.

Initially, I felt trading on Twitter would be difficult since it is largely anonymous whereas Facebook has your life attached to your profile. I still trade on Facebook occasionally. Most of the deals are made with trade partners that date back a few years.


John is one such trader that I met through a hobby group on Facebook. He was seeking to trade for Carlton Fisk baseball cards. Any and all Fisk cards much like me and my Cubs trades. I want Cubs cards – any and all of them.

We have been discussing a trade the past couple months and I had been tracking down not only Fisk cards, but also other players he personally collects such as Kevin Garnett, Shaquille O’Neal, and Paul Konerko.

He sent an awesome box of Cubs baseball cards and many of the hits inside are cards I get so giddy when finding in a quarter or dollar box at a card show. Names like Gary Scott, Jose Cueto, Bobby Hill, and more.


Cole Liniak is another name from the past. He was a highly touted prospect in the Boston Red Sox organization during the late 1990’s. He was ranked as the 9th best prospect in the Boston organization in 1997 and 1999, and was ranked the sixth best prospect ahead of the 1998 season. Liniak was traded to the Cubs in 1999 for Rod Beck and played parts of two seasons in Chicago.

Is this an eBay 1/1? I kid, of course. That’s my biggest ebay pet peeve next to “non-auto” and “set break” listings. This is a green parallel of the 2018 Bowman Draft Alex Lange numbered 99/99.

Allen and Ginter should be released this summer if product releases are back on schedule. The mini framed relics from this set are among my favorites.


Jersey relics are boring, but A&G does it right with the mini frames like this Tyler Colvin from 2011.

When I was really into through the mail (TTM) autographs about 10 years ago, Bob Addis was one of my successes. I began a side venture online broadcasting high school sporting events and needed the money to get things off the ground.


Much of my card and autograph collection was sold including many of my autographs. Glad I could get another Bob Addis signed Topps Archives card back I to my collection.

This Gabby Hartnett card really pops with the color purple and die cut into a sort of trophy shape. The card is also a low serial number, 38/50.

Ryan Harvey was a big Cubs prospect in the early 2000’s, but never did make it to Wrigley Field. By this time in 2003, autographs and relics were becoming more common in products. This Harvey 2003 Bowman Sterling is both autograph and relic.

How about a 2002 Donruss Elite Carlos Zambrano rookie card numbered 1155/1500.

Another rookie card and more recent. This is an image variation of Albert Almora’s 2016 Topps Update.

A card that is potentially new to my collection as I don’t recall seeing this one in the last. It’s simply an RBI card likely from 1991 of Lance Dickson.


Dickson was the Cubs top pitching prospect and only appeared in three games at the big league level.

This is also a new card to the collection. Pat Cline was supposed to be the next star catcher for the Chicago Cubs. He appeared in several products in the late 1990’s. This particular card is a 1998 Donruss Silver Press Proof. These were limited to a press run of 1,500 cards.

This was a great trade acquiring some new Cubs cards and a blast from the past flipping through some of these names.

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