Super Trade with a Carlton Fisk Supercollector

Many of the trades that take place in the One Million Cubs Project originate on Twitter. It was actually the last place I expected to find such a great hobby trading community. Initially, I felt trading on Twitter would be difficult since it is largely anonymous whereas Facebook has your life attached to your profile.Continue reading “Super Trade with a Carlton Fisk Supercollector”

The Simplistic Beauty of Autographed 3×5 Index Cards

Through the mail (TTM) autographs are a common hobby for collectors. Today, we have many options to send baseball players requesting a signature. With the advent of the Internet, photos can be found of minor league baseball players, or players that do not yet have a baseball card. It has become fairly cheap to printContinue reading “The Simplistic Beauty of Autographed 3×5 Index Cards”

An Unexpected Peoria Chiefs Mailday

Last week an old buddy from Galesburg, Illinois tipped me off that a package was on its way. Matt and I have made a couple swaps recently, as I’ve sent him a bunch of Tony Gwynn in return for Cubs. In the last package he filled it up with a bunch of Peoria Chiefs autographedContinue reading “An Unexpected Peoria Chiefs Mailday”

The Ebay Rabbit Hole Cubs Shopping Spree Cards Are In

Last week I blogged about jumping into a rabbit hole that led to a shopping spree on eBay. It all started with a Bobby Brownlie search that led me to an eBay seller with a Brownlie Bowman autographed card, and many other Cubs prospects that missed from that era. Not only that, he had aContinue reading “The Ebay Rabbit Hole Cubs Shopping Spree Cards Are In”