Baseball Card Rookies and Stars for 99 Cents with Free Shipping

Baseball cards are extremely hot right now. And we are still weeks away from Spring Training and Opening Day. The market is only going to rise further on baseball cards in 2021. Do you want to get in on the craze at an extremely low cost buy in?

I have you covered. My eBay Store is loaded with singles for only 99 cents with FREE shipping. Not only that – if you buy three or more cards you’ll receive an automatic 10% discount at checkout. See a whole bunch of cards you want to buy at these low prices? If you stack 50 or more cards you will receive 20% off at checkout.


I’m not talking about commons from the “junk wax” era. These are Hall of Famers, superstars, rookie cards, and hot top prospects. Take a look at my variation listings for 2019 Bowman Chrome.

Or how about the sought after Bowman Mega Box “Mojo” refractors? More than 100 are available for around two dollars a piece with free shipping. Note: Fernando Tatis Jr. is not listed for sale and shown for stock image purposes only.

Trent Grisham Bowman rookie cards available for 99 cents….free shipping.

You can find several Topps Heritage Minors singles and inserts in my eBay Store. Much like these Discs from the 2017 set.

Oddball cards are well stocked, also. Like these cards that were inserted into Baseball Cards Magazine in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

You might even find some hot young superstars for 99 cents such as Ronald Acuna Jr.

Take a stroll through my eBay Store and the 99 Cents Singles category boasts more than 1,000 listings that includes around 3,000 cards total. Don’t forget about those volume discounts!

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