Critiquing Topps Project 70 Card Gallery 1

Project 2020 by Topps was a smashing success. Topps collaborated with artists to give their interpretations on 20 different iconic baseball cards. It was such a success that the company unveiled Project 70 celebrating the 70th anniversary of Topps baseball cards. This time around there will be far more artists and far more cards to interpret. Once the final card from this project is released the checklist will total 1,020 cards.

A total of 51 artists will each release 20 cards in Project 70. The 51 artists is a nod to the first Topps baseball card set released in 1951. Topps will be releasing three cards each weekday and will be available to purchase for 70 hours.


The first three artists of Project 70 are familiar names as both Ben Baller and Ermsy gained a following from their contributions within Project 2020. Ben Baller even did a Topps Chrome collaboration that was sold online. The third artist, DJ Skee, has an impressive music resume and is known as the first DJ to discover and play the music Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Kendrick Lamar on the radio.

Babe Ruth, Mookie Betts, and Fernando Tatis Jr. are the first players to grace a Topps Project 70 card.

Card 1 – Mookie Betts by Ben Baller

Card number one is Mookie Betts by Ben Baller. The 1988 Topps design is something that has grown on me over the years. Still, it’s my least favorite design of the decade, probably because it’s not over used like the more popular designs of the 1980’s. The image of Betts is a bit quirky, almost like he’s directing traffic or wishing a fly ball stays in fair territory. The backdrop with the Hollywood sign is a great touch. Dodgers is prominently displayed on the top of the card and Mookie Betts is clearly spelled out in the bottom corner. Ben Baller even puts his own trademark in the bottom right corner.

Topps Project 70 baseball card Mookie Betts by Ben Baller

Card 2 – Fernando Tatis Jr. by Ermsy

Card number two is my favorite, likely because I have become a big fan of Ermsy’s artwork. Ermsy does Fernando Tatis Jr. in the 1955 Topps design. What I like most about this piece is Fernando’s face stretched across the card. It looks like his outstretched nose and lips wrap around the left arm of Tatis in the foreground image. The name plate, position, and team names at the bottom perfectly contrast with the artwork. While I’m only buying Chicago Cubs cards that may be released in this project, I was tempted to place an order for this card.

Topps Project 70 baseball card Fernando Tatis Jr. by Ermsy

Card 3 – Babe Ruth by DJ Skee

The third card Topps Project 70 baseball card is Babe Ruth by DJ Skee. There’s a lot to digest with this card. First, it’s the legend from the early 20th century on a 2018 Topps design. That is one of my favorite things about rehashing old designs, or retired/deceased players. New players on old designs, and legendary Hall of Famers on new designs. The career statistics are a great touch, and how about the New York backdrop in the background.

Topps Project 70 Babe Ruth baseball card by DJ Skee

Overall, I am a big fan of the Topps Project 70 baseball cards. I grew tired very quickly of Project 2020, and had very limited interest because the checklist was set at the beginning and it was the same 20 cards over and over. With Project 70, it’s a surprise as Topps is holding back the checklist. This will drive me to the Topps website on a daily basis to check out the latest three cards released…and my hopes that one of them is a Chicago Cubs baseball card.

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