Topps Project 70 Power Rankings – Week One

Topps Project 70 has really appealed to me since it’s release on Wednesday. The project, which will boast a total of 1,020 cards, is now one week and nine cards into its run. Below is my Topps Project 70 rankings for wek one.

We have seen a little bit of everything from artists such as Ermsy and Ben Baller to rapper Snoop Dogg.


A couple cards I love, and a couple cards are just so-so in my opinion. What’s great about this project, and art in general, is what one style a person loves another may hate. And we have seen this already in just three days. Here are my Topps Project 70 rankings.

1) Fernando Tatis Jr. by Ermsy

Topps Project 70 Fernando Tatis Jr. by Ermsy

I wrote about my thoughts on Ermsy’s 1955 Topps version of Fernando Tatis Jr. It was quickly my favorite card of the initial release. Three days into Project 70 and it still remains my favorite card to date.

2) Ken Griffey Jr. by Bobby Hundreds

Topps Project 70 Ken Griffey Jr. by Bobby Hundreds

At first glance, the 1990 Topps Ken Griffey Jr. by Bobby Hundreds was by far my least favorite. It seemed so tired and lazy. But…then I read Hundreds’ take on the project and how he will interpret cards throughout the series. He was a collector like many of us in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s and fell in love with error cards. Hundreds placed several errors on this card. Can you pick them out? Now I can’t wait until his next release as I try to pinpoint the errors.


3) Francisco Lindor by Keith Shore

Keith Shore’s name became synonymous with Project 2020 after his Ken Griffey Jr. card sold 99,000 copies. It’s now thought of as the card that crashed Project 2020’s momentum and crazy market prices. I really like Shore’s art, and this Lindor styled in the 1985 Topps design immediately reminded me of the iconic Dwight “Doc” Gooden rookie card from that set. This is also the first Topps card featuring Lindor as a New York Met.

4) Mookie Betts by Ben Baller

This card took me a moment to appreciate. I wrote about my thoughts on Ben Baller’s Mookie Betts in the 1988 Topps design this week. All in all, I think this card continues to drop in my rankings as more cards are released.

5) Tommy LaSorda by Mister Cartoon

It’s nice to see Tommy LaSorda get some cardboard love after his recent passing. The card is designed in the style of 2021 Topps. It almost looks like a playing card, and I like the large Dodgers logo in the upper left corner. Unlike the actual 2021 Topps cards, the name plate is readable.

6) Babe Ruth by DJ Skee

Over time this card might stick near the top. Done by DJ Skee in the style of 2018 Topps it’s a great contrast with Babe Ruth on a current Topps design. The backdrop of Yankee Stadium and career statistics are an excellent touch and I like the caps in the bottom right corner.

7) Derek Jeter by New York Nico

It’s a fairly bland card using the 1961 Topps design which is one of my favorite vintage offerings. I like the rookie star, but overall it’s a boring card in my opinion.


8) Vladimir Guerrero Jr. by JK5

Topps Project 70 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. by JK5

A lot going on here. When card art takes Topps Fire and puts it on steroids. This card is a bit overwhelming for me, and horizontal cards are my least favorite cards in existence. So, 1956 Topps, the design used here just doesn’t do it for me. This card could be a bottom 10% card once this series wraps up.

9) Ronald Acuna by Snoop Dogg

Topps Project 70 Ronald Acuna by Snoop Dogg

Like many others I was really excited to see what Snoop Dogg would offer in this project. Even though it ranks last of the nine cards released during the first week, I do appreciate the work. But I would appreciate it far more as an album cover other than a baseball card. This card may be the most divisive card of the release along with Bobby Hundreds’ Ken Griffey Jr. Some love it. Some hate it. As a work of art I enjoy it more than the Vladimir Guerrero Jr. ranked higher, but as a baseball card I just can’t get behind this one.

One day before Project 70 released I would have never thought I would be this interested. I am looking forward to seeing the different takes on cards throughout the series, especially what else Bobby Hundreds does with his error cards, which Cubs cards will be released, and what other artists will be offering up.

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