Here’s What I Bought With My eBay Bucks

Three items were purchased using my eBay bucks from quarter one. It took less than 24 hours to wipe me out of eBay Bucks, and that was my plan. eBay bucks are free money, and I didn’t really have any plans for purchase this time around. Unfortunately, you cannot roll eBay bucks. You had toContinue reading “Here’s What I Bought With My eBay Bucks”

Scott Sanderson (1956-2019) Baseball Card Gallery

Scott Sanderson passed away on April 11, 2019 at the age of 62. Sanderson had a 19-year career in MLB playing with the Montreal Expos, Chicago Cubs, Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, California Angels, San Francisco Giants, and Chicago White Sox. Sanderson was a Chicago-area native and helped lead Glenbrook North to an IHSA baseballContinue reading “Scott Sanderson (1956-2019) Baseball Card Gallery”

Pinching Pennies With Paypal Micropayments

Fees suck. Fees suck several dollars per month from our hobby budgets. It’s also the cost of doing business and without the services we pay these fees for, we would be unable to reach an audience of millions (eBay) or make monetary transactions with just a few clicks (Paypal). The latter is a platform thatContinue reading “Pinching Pennies With Paypal Micropayments”

2019 Bowman Cubs Checklist Preview

Bowman will be released next week (Wednesday April 17) and it’s always one of the most anticipated checklists of the year, if not the most. Prospectors love the Bowman product, and the Chrome prospect autographs are highly sought after. Bowman is on my short list of favorite products (maybe third or fourth behind Heritage, HeritageContinue reading “2019 Bowman Cubs Checklist Preview”

Weekend Wedding Bells Delayed This Mailday

A wedding this past weekend had me in the state of Illinois for the fourth time in the past five weeks. Congratulations to Kat and James, the wedding I attended in Downers Grove. It was a blast of a weekend! When I returned home there were two packages on my doorstep. One was from GlenContinue reading “Weekend Wedding Bells Delayed This Mailday”

Pete Vonachen and the Peoria Chiefs Mailday

Repeat traders to the One Million Cubs Project, Greg in Oregon and TJ in Illinois, sent boxes filled with more than 1,500 Cubs cards on Friday. I was at a wedding over the weekend, not far from TJ, actually, so I didn’t get to open these up until Monday. In TJ’s note he said heContinue reading “Pete Vonachen and the Peoria Chiefs Mailday”

Cubs Home Opener Rewind – Willie Smith Walks It Off In '69

Today (April 8, 2019) the Chicago Cubs make their 2019 debut at Wrigley Field against the Pittsburgh Pirates. This year, the team limps home with a 2-7 record. Fifty years ago, April 8 marked the season opener for the Cubs at Wrigley Field. Willie Smith won the game for the Cubs in the 11th inningContinue reading “Cubs Home Opener Rewind – Willie Smith Walks It Off In '69”

Ballpark Evolution, Paul Noce Golfing, and Vintage Wrestling

A pair of packages arrived on Thursday from Georgia and Kansas. Korey in Kansas sent over 200 Cubs, in which I’ll be returning a box of Kansas City Chiefs. Recently, there have been some baseball card design discussions on Twitter, and one such topic talked about the best and worst designs of the junk era.Continue reading “Ballpark Evolution, Paul Noce Golfing, and Vintage Wrestling”

One Year Wonders Mailday

A surprise package arrived in my mailbox this week from Elliott City, Maryland. The sender mentioned in a note that he played football in the 1990’s at Beloit College, which is just 45 minutes down the road from me. I also broadcast a few Beloit College football and basketball games while covering their conference foe,Continue reading “One Year Wonders Mailday”