Playing the Prospecting Game

With last week’s release of Bowman, you’ve probably heard of the crazy pricing behind cards of players you have never heard of, and a hobby box will set you back more than $100. It’s the prospecting game, and some collectors love it, and others hate it. Either way you slice it, money can be madeContinue reading “Playing the Prospecting Game”

2019 Bowman Retail Break – The Hits

In my previous blog post, I shared my Cubs hits from 2019 Bowman retail. In total, I picked up 11 blaster boxes and 16 value packs. Thanks to a Target coupon, I saved $75 on those boxes and packs. I was pretty happy with the results of my retail break. Sean Reid-Foley blue paper 483/499Continue reading “2019 Bowman Retail Break – The Hits”

2019 Bowman Retail Breaks – Cubs

It took a few days, but my local Target stores were stocked with Bowman this week. Release date was Wednesday, but my stores didn’t have Bowman on the shelves until Friday when the Excell vendor stocked it. On my trip to my nearest Target Wednesday I saw the Excell boxes in the cashier lane nextContinue reading “2019 Bowman Retail Breaks – Cubs”

Does the One Million Cubs Project Accept Duplicates?

Yes! This is the most asked question regarding the One Million Cubs Project. Duplicates are welcomed in trades. Per the Trading Card Database, there are only 130,516 Chicago Cubs cards. While not a complete checklist, it gives you an idea of how many unique Cubs cards have been made. Needless to say, there are farContinue reading “Does the One Million Cubs Project Accept Duplicates?”

It’s Back…and Topps Total(ly) Sucks

A few days ago the Topps twitter account teased Topps Total. Topps Total was a product that was produced more than 10 years ago. It was a low-end product with a huge checklist that approached 1,000 cards. As a team collector I absolutely loved Topps Total because it featured players from the Cubs roster thatContinue reading “It’s Back…and Topps Total(ly) Sucks”