Steal of a Cubs Deal Thanks to EBay Bucks Promotion

One set of Chicago Cubs baseball cards has eluded me over the past several years. In all honesty, I’m not constantly searching for this set, nor do I have push notifications set for when a new listing pops up on eBay. Still, I search eBay from time to time in search of 1990 Topps TVContinue reading “Steal of a Cubs Deal Thanks to EBay Bucks Promotion”

Reviewing 2018 Topps Chicago Cubs

2018 Topps series one was released this past Wednesday. Normally, I grab three or four blasters of series one and call it a year on the product. Not so this year. First, the Wal-Mart only Kris Bryant Highlights set grabbed my attention. Second, the hobby has become fun again for me, and grabbing a hobbyContinue reading “Reviewing 2018 Topps Chicago Cubs”

A Truckload of Baseball Cards Trade

My favorite part of the collecting hobby is acquiring large amounts of cards, be it through Craigslist or other means. Over the past five years I have picked up bulk loads of cards about a dozen times. In some instances the lot of cards was nothing but junk era commons. A couple other instances thereContinue reading “A Truckload of Baseball Cards Trade”

Shiny Cards – Dumping Chase Utley for Cubs

This hobby is great. As I attempt to collect one Million Cubs cards, even Cubs collectors are joining the cause. In my latest trade, Cubs fan Jake in Missouri generously traded me 55 Cubs cards in exchange for a pile of Chase Utley cards. And the hobby circle is smaller than we realize sometimes. AsContinue reading “Shiny Cards – Dumping Chase Utley for Cubs”

1973 Wichita Aeros Team Issue – A Chicago Cubs Tony LaRussa Exclusive

The 1973 Wichita Aeros team set is my favorite Cubs team set in my collection. It was sponsored by The Action Bank, and certainly has its flaws. I decided to dig out this set because January 30 was Matt Alexander’s birthday and he has a card in this set. To my knowledge, it’s the onlyContinue reading “1973 Wichita Aeros Team Issue – A Chicago Cubs Tony LaRussa Exclusive”