What Pulled Me Away From My Beloved Chicago Cubs in the 1990's

In my recent post about securing Pearl Jam tickets for their Wrigley Field concert, several Twitter followers began discussing their favorite 1990’s (and 1980’s) bands. One tweeter mentioned the Presidents of the United States of America. That brought back a flood of memories. The band that brought us “Lump” and “Peaches” was the first compactContinue reading “What Pulled Me Away From My Beloved Chicago Cubs in the 1990's”


One Million Cubs Project on Pearl Jam

No mail came today, but there were two packages in the mailbox Monday. The first, from Mark, contained the vintage I blogged about yesterday. The second package was the 20-card lot of 1990 Topps TV cards I purchased from eBay last week. When time permits, I’ll do a full post on the Cubs Topps TVContinue reading “One Million Cubs Project on Pearl Jam”

Smells of Vintage Cardboard

Old baseball cards have that distinct smell. It’s not a good smell, more akin to that of your grandma’s basement. But they’re baseball cards, so the smells are good. Today, a small box arrived filled with smells. Big thanks to Mark, a Cardinals fan helping this Cubs collector’s cause. Smells that harken to the daysContinue reading “Smells of Vintage Cardboard”

Cubs Collectors Assisting Cubs Collectors

There are a lot of Cubs collectors out there. So many, in fact, that it has been a roadblock preventing a few trades from taking place. Many other team collectors already have agreements in place to send off their Cubs to those collectors. Out of the twenty-plus trades that have been conducted, a couple packagesContinue reading “Cubs Collectors Assisting Cubs Collectors”

One Million Cubs Project Update: Unorganized Chaos

The One Million Cubs Project is a great success only five weeks in. However, the project has pulled me in multiple directions and at times it’s been very challenging. I love a challenge, and attempting to collect one million Chicago Cubs baseball cards is exactly that. Currently, the focus is a bit lacking due toContinue reading “One Million Cubs Project Update: Unorganized Chaos”

What's On My Wall Wednesday: The Cubs Ball Wall

Since I have a limited amount of walls, this piece will be for a limited time only. Tonight’s kickoff to “What’s On My Wall Wednesday,” is by far my favorite wall of my basement. It’s “The Ball Wall.” I didn’t begin collecting autographed baseballs until 2013. A few times each summer, my friend Dave andContinue reading “What's On My Wall Wednesday: The Cubs Ball Wall”

Tuesday Trade Review: New Sosa and Rizzo Refractor

Today’s trade review is courtesy of Roy, @roleiii on Twitter. I sent over some Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expos in exchange for 180 Chicago Cubs cards (plus one). That plus one is a new addition to the collection. A rarity to find new adds from the junk era, but since this 1989 Donruss Baseball’sContinue reading “Tuesday Trade Review: New Sosa and Rizzo Refractor”

Mailday Monday Brings In A Trading First

It was a Triple Mailday Monday with a pair of trade returns in the mailbox and an additional Javier Baez 2018 Topps silver pack Refractor from eBay. Tonight’s trade review is courtesy of @paulender1. We finalized a trade of Eric Davis cards for Cubs cards. Paul found 187 Cubs cards, while I had 175 EricContinue reading “Mailday Monday Brings In A Trading First”