2002 Donruss Team Heroes #209 Jose Cueto

Not too often do I come across a Cubs baseball card of someone that escapes my memory. However, that did happen today during data entry. Card 3,864 in my database was quickly entered. As I began to type in the last name, I did a double take. This 2003 Donruss Team Heroes card was notContinue reading “2002 Donruss Team Heroes #209 Jose Cueto”

1989 Peoria Chiefs Kodak/McDonalds Minor League Set

The year 1989, as previously discussed, is my first real memory of being all-in as a baseball card collector. Growing up in a small town we lived a simple life. The only thing I wanted for my 8th birthday was a small party with my eight closest friends “camping out” in the backyard following aContinue reading “1989 Peoria Chiefs Kodak/McDonalds Minor League Set”

Trade Review: Twitter's @PreserveHobby With 100 Cubs Cards

The second One Million Cubs Project trade has been completed. This marks my first ever deal through Twitter, and it was a success. My deal was struck with Twitter user @preservehobby through one of my other Twitter accounts (@setfillercards). We discussed future deals, but agreed on starting our first trade with a 100-card swap. HeContinue reading “Trade Review: Twitter's @PreserveHobby With 100 Cubs Cards”

Team Traders Wanted: Here Are The Details

Acquiring one million Cubs baseball cards will take some help. A lot of help. Since this is a popular time to state goals for the new year, the One Million Cubs Project goal for 2018 is to reach 250,000 Cubs cards by the end of the year. It will take some trading. A lot ofContinue reading “Team Traders Wanted: Here Are The Details”