Two Trades Plus a Borderline eBay Negative Feedback

I’m very patient. Baseball cards are my hobby, so I understand when life gets in the way and there is a delay. In fact, today I had somebody reach out to me regarding a Twitter trade that I had forgot about. I feel horrible when this happens, and in all honesty I can be aContinue reading “Two Trades Plus a Borderline eBay Negative Feedback”

Check Out the Background: 1984 Fleer Edition

Ryan in New Jersey sent today’s box of Cubs. This will be our second trade, and I’ll be sending a box of junk era back for TTM purposes. It doesn’t seem fair that’s all he wants because he sent a really nice package. A few refractors, including 2018 Topps Chrome Anthony Rizzo and Kyle Schwarber,Continue reading “Check Out the Background: 1984 Fleer Edition”

Wheaties Stamps, Leaf Buybacks, and Fergie's New Book

With no mail arriving Tuesday, the mailman delivered on Wednesday. Four packages totaling 1,268 Cubs cards came in. Lance from Arkansas tweeted last week a picture of a Mike Bielecki card. It was a buyback that Leaf released into boxes. This particular card is the 1990 Leaf Bielecki and it’s numbered 3/3. The other singleContinue reading “Wheaties Stamps, Leaf Buybacks, and Fergie's New Book”

Ernie Banks, Lou Brock, Cole Roederer, and I’m an Andre Dawson Super Collector

A little bit of everything was stuffed in my mailbox Monday. Literally stuffed. It was one of those times you have to jimmy boxes and bubble mailers to squeeze them out. Five boxes and bubble mailers were additions to the Cubs collection, including three eBay purchased and a pair of trade packages. Peter in MassachusettsContinue reading “Ernie Banks, Lou Brock, Cole Roederer, and I’m an Andre Dawson Super Collector”

Club 400 Hosts FIVE former Cubs

My love for Club 400 has been broadcast in this blog many times over the past year, since my first trip to Stewart McVicar’s amazing man cave. The events at Club 400 have been marked on the calendar ever since. While Club 400 is an amazing museum of Cubs memorabilia, the reason I keep goingContinue reading “Club 400 Hosts FIVE former Cubs”

Eugene Emeralds Post-Christmas Sale

Minor league websites are a great place to find cheap minor league team sets. And many teams have blowout sales on old sets that can be had much cheaper than eBay or dealers that sell minor league sets. Just after Christmas someone on Twitter turned me on to a Eugene Emeralds team store sale. ItContinue reading “Eugene Emeralds Post-Christmas Sale”

Dylan Cease and a Box from New Jersey

A new Dylan Cease card and a box of Cubs arrived Thursday. In all, 368 Cubs were added to the collection. The new Dylan Cease card was an eBay purchase. It’s a 2017 Bowman Platinum green parallel numbered 21/99. A box from Josh in New Jersey featured 367 cards. This box was filled with mostlyContinue reading “Dylan Cease and a Box from New Jersey”