Hobby Evolution Episode 8 – Positives and Negatives to Selling on Sportlots

Sportlots is a great platform for trading cards. Both as a buyer and a seller.


In episode eight, I outline the postives and negatives to selling on Sportlots. Sportlots is a great place to sell baseball cards. It’s not for everyone, but it might be right for you.

Hobby Evolution Episode 7 – Opinion on 2021 Topps Design

Episode 7 of the Hobby Evolution dives into the recently released design for 2021 Topps.


Each year when Topps unveils the next year’s flagship design it’s met with cheers and boos. Normally, I am among the crowd that dislikes the set design. However, I have a positive opinion of the 2021 Topps design…

Hobby Evolution Episode 6 – Saving Money Shipping Baseball Cards

Episode six reveals some tips on saving money on postage and how to utilize USPS flat rate packaging.


A couple packages of flat rate mailers and boxes arrived from USPS. Using flat rate packaging can be a great way to both ship more cards, and save money. Here are some tips and tricks on saving money on shipping.

Hobby Evolution Episode 5 – How To Profit With 99-Cent Ebay Sales

Episode five of Hobby Evolution goes further into eBay sales that were discussed in episode four about what is selling on eBay.


Many of my eBay sales are 99-cents with free shipping. And I still make a profit after fees and shipping. How? I’ll tell you in this episode of the Hobby Evolution.

Hobby Evolution Episode 4 – What’s Selling on Ebay

Episode four of the Hobby Evolution discusses eBay sales.


I recently was asked what is selling on eBay? Short answer is….everything. However, a long form answer will give you a better idea which is what I outline in this episode.

Hobby Evolution Video Journal – Episode 3

Episode three of the Hobby Evolution takes a look at a big Cubs mailday Saturday. Nearly 1,000 Cubs baseball cards arrived over the weekend.


A preview with some of the items that are for sale in my big Blowout Sale.

Hobby Evolution Video Journal – Episode 2

On episode two of The Hobby Evolution, I discuss how much I love Saturday mornings. It’s my main baseball card time.


Also, reviewing my Friday Cubs baseball card mailday and a preview of the Blowout Sale.