The Story Behind 2013 Topps Archives Cubs Giveaway

In 2013 I was slowly dipping my toes back into the hobby. Topps Archives was my gateway drug. The nostalgia was overwhelming after opening a blaster box of Topps Archives found on my local Wal-Mart shelf. That was in 2012. Fast forward a year and Allen & Ginter also became a hobby favorite. And then I found a Cubs Topps Archives giveaway from Wrigley Field. I was all in.


After working the summer of 2012 with the Cubs minor league affiliate, Peoria Chiefs, I quickly became a Javier Baez fan. I was buying up Javier Baez minor league cards, and Bowman cards, and anything I could find of the team’s top prospect. One day I discovered a quirky “Future Stars” card of Baez with Jorge Soler and Albert Almora in the style of 1982 Topps. I was born in 1982, so it’s one of my sleeper favorite Topps designs.

What is this? Is it a custom? Is it a Topps Archives I’ve never seen? Not quite. This card was part of a stadium giveaway at Wrigley Field. The Cubs and Topps collaborated on an 83-card Topps Archives set featuring stars and fan favorites through the years using archived Topps designs.

I had bought a few of the 20-card sets that came with the Baez card, but never did acquire a complete set. A few weeks ago, Brian Garza reached out to me. He said he had a sealed set of these cards with the Season Ticket Holder stamp and could send one my way. Garza mentioned he was a Chicago Cubs employee. He buried the lead. Garza is the Director of Ticket Services (more on that in a moment) for the Cubs.


The cards arrived a few days later with the cellophane wrapped Archives set of 83 cards. Brian also tossed in some other cards I had never seen before. It was another stadium giveaway set for Summer Camp Day from 2018.

What I like about this set of eight cards is that it includes some of the lesser known Cubs players. Aside from superstar Kris Bryant, the set includes relief pitcher Justin Wilson.

Other cards in the set: Jose Quintana, Ben Zobrist, Jason Heyward, Willson Contreras, Brandon Morrow, and Steve Cishek.

Another card Brian included was a Topps Now that was a Cubs Convention exclusive from 2017. I did not see these at Cubs Con, nor have I seen one of these cards, so I’m glad to have one in my collection.

Now…on to the 2013 Archives set. When it arrived I opened the cellophane wrapper and flipped through the entire set to check it out. I must start off with “Mr. Cub” himself, Ernie Banks.

How about Ryne Sandberg, with mustache, on a 1962 Topps design.

Or Ron Santo appearing on the 1990 Topps design.

The set also includes fan favorites with long careers like Rick Reuschel. Reuschel’s rookie card was his 1973 Topps card as a Cub. He was in the organization in 1972, so might his Topps card from that year look something like this…

Scott Sanderson was another fan favorite with some really good years for the 1980’s Cubs teams. Here’s Sanderson on the 1964 Topps design.

Another 1964 Topps design features former Cubs pitcher and TV color analyst Steve Stone. “Stoney” is an analyst for the Chicago White Sox.

This next card is among my favorites for two reasons. First, Bobby Murcer is most often known for his time with the New York Yankees and his Cubs tenure overlooked. Second, 1996 Topps is vastly underrated as a design. It’s ahead of its time with the homage to the headshot of 1963, 1983, and 1984 Topps with new age twist.


Starlin Castro was a young Cubs star in 2013 and received the wood grain love made famous in 1987.

And how about another 1972 design with Mark Grace.

So, as I flipped through all of these amazing looking Cubs cards, I had to reach out and thank Brian for these cards. That’s when he let the cat out of the bag. He says, “I had a lot of fun putting that set together with Topps.”


Wait! What??? It’s true, Brian helped design the set with Topps, as Sports Collectors Daily reported on in 2013. The part of the story that fascinated me the most was that the idea behind this set was formed when Brian saw a blaster box of Topps Archives at a Target in the summer of 2012. The same time that I discovered Archives and it quickly became a favorite of mine.

Another really fun story on the journey to collect one million Cubs baseball cards.

2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Break Results

As previously mentioned, I am a big Bowman baseball card fan. Unfortunately, the hobby prices have priced me out of the market. When Bowman flagship releases, I chase down the retail blaster boxes at Target and Wal-Mart. As it comes to Bowman Draft, I have to pass and pick up Cubs singles on eBay, or buy into breaks.

But…Topps released an online exclusive that became a pretty hot chase recently: Bowman Draft 1st Edition. These cards are basically a preview of Bowman Draft with a foil stamp on the front of the card reading, “1st Edition.” We saw a 1st Edition produced earlier this year for the flagship product.

2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Unopened Pack baseball cards

Sold by the pack, the retail price for the online exclusive was $15 for a pack of 10 cards. Autographs are the chase in Bowman and Bowman Draft, but autographs are pretty rare in 1st Edition. Color parallels are much more plentiful with the unnumbered sky blue parallel falling 1 in every 2 packs, on average.

Topps set a maximum order of 24 packs on the website. That is also how many packs come in a box, but Topps only sold by the pack. Some buyers who selected 24 packs did receive a sealed box while many others just got 24 loose packs. I ended up ordering 20 packs. A nice round number.


Normally I do not excited for mail days or follow tracking updates, but this product was an exception. I was eager to break my 20 packs of Bowman Draft 1st Edition. The box was delivered, surprisingly, on a Sunday morning by FedEx. With some errands to run the break had to wait until the evening. Something to look forward to!

Once the dust settled, I pulled a colored parallel in ALL 20 packs. Here is the breakdown: 14 sky blue, 3 blue /150, 1 yellow /75, 1 gold /50, and 1 orange /25. The biggest hit was probably the gold Robert Puason numbered /50.

2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Robert Puason Gold /50 Oakland A's Athletics baseball card

The most valuable in terms of eBay sold prices would be the Spencer Torkelson base card. At the time of breaking it was selling in the $100 range on eBay. As more product is delivered the prices have been slipping. I have the Torkelson base for sale in my eBay Store for $78 shipped (tip: click here and you can get a 15% off that price in my eBay Store).

My biggest excitement over this product was the Cubs checklist. In all there are seven Cubs on the checklist: Ed Howard, Burl Carraway, Luke Little, Jordan Nwogu, Miguel Amaya, Ryan Jensen, and Brennen Davis.


Through 19 packs I had pulled three of the seven Cubs. The big one I really wanted was missing: Ed Howard. Then came the 20th pack, and the top card was a player in a blue uniform. It was a Cubs card. It was ED HOWARD!

2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Ed Howard Chicago Cubs baseball card

It was nice to see Bowman use a different image for Brennen Davis. His previous two Bowman cards (2019 Bowman Draft and 2020 Bowman) used the same image.

2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Brennen Davis Chicago Cubs baseball card

Burl Carraway was the second round draft pick by the Cubs in 2020 out of Dallas Baptist University. Burl’s given name is Ausley Burl Carraway.

2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Burl Carraway Chicago Cubs baseball card

The other Cubs 2020 draft pick I pulled was pitcher Luke Little. The 6-foot-8 lefty played at San Jacinto junior college last year and was scheduled to transfer to South Carolina.

2020 Bowman Draft 1st Edition Luke Little Chicago Cubs baseball card

The Cubs selected Little in the fourth round. He went viral just before the draft when throwing at the Showcase Baseball Academy in Charlotte, North Carolina.

There, he recorded a 105 mph fast ball. The fastest recorded pitch is 105.1 mph by Aroldis Chapman in 2010 (pitching for the Cincinnati Reds during his rookie season). It will be fun to watch Luke Little in the Cubs organization.

In Person Trade With Kurt the Mark Prior Collector

One thing I have repeated since the very early stages of the One Million Cubs Project has nothing to do with the Cubs baseball cards I buy or receive in trade rather the people I meet along the way. The journey to collect one million Cubs baseball cards will likely be a near ten-year adventure.

When I reflect over the past three years of my quest to collect a million Cubs baseball cards, the one thing I smile the most about is the friendships I have developed along the way. Most of those friendships are online only through social media as we are separated by several states and hundreds or thousands of miles.


On occasion, I receive an opportunity to meet people that for a long time have only been a small avatar on Twitter. Today, I met another avatar from Twitter in person. Kurt from Minnesota was driving through Madison, Wisconsin on his way home from Thanksgiving with family in Michigan.

Over the past couple years Kurt and I have interacted on Twitter including our shared love for the baseball card hobby as well as Pearl Jam. He is returned to the hobby just a couple years and expressed interest in Mark Prior – his favorite pitcher. I am always open to trading away Cubs cards (if I have duplicates) to fellow fans. I went through my monster box labeled “P” and pulled out a stack of about 35 Mark Prior cards for Kurt.

We met on a Sunday afternoon at a BP gas station along the interstate on the east side of Madison nestled back near a Harley Davidson dealership and the Ho-Chunk casino. It was an overcast and chilly afternoon in Wisconsin as we swapped cards and shared stories for about 10 minutes, including our trips to Pearl Jam concerts at Wrigley Field. Kurt had a PJ sticker for me.

One item he handed over was something I had never seen before. A Chicago Cubs sign with a yellow background. Apparently these were distributed by Fleer in the 1970’s. A very cool item that will be displayed in my rec room.

Kurt relayed a story that a few years ago most of his baseball card collection was stolen. Not much remained, but a well-loved 1985 Fleer Billy Hatcher/Shawon Dunston rookie card was spared, and he included it in the pile of Cubs for me.

It’s stories like this that make it an adventure collecting one million Cubs baseball cards. Some stories are inspiring, some fun, some strange, and some are unfortunate like having your childhood collection stolen.


Some other highlights in the more than 200 Cubs cards include a couple David Ross cards. Ross was my least favorite Cubs player in 2015…and then one of my favorites in 2016. Who would have thought a favor of a free agent signing (for Jon Lester) would turn into a Cubs fan favorite, national celebrity, and the next Chicago Cubs manager???

An XFractor of Jose Quintana.

A Topps Chrome Anthony Rizzo refractor.


From Topps Gallery – Ian Happ Artist Proof.

And how about this one. Kurt said he pulled this hit out of a retail blaster box. A Victor Caratini Diamond Kings autographed jersey relic numbered /299. It’s a dual swatch including a piece of white jersey with the blue pinstripe. I’m also a sucker for images of catchers in full gear.

What a cool bunch of Cubs cards from Kurt. It was way more than I expected, so I am going to be sending a couple packs of Pearl Jam trading cards his way from the 2018 set. We will definitely be making another trade down the line. Thanks, Kurt!

2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Is a Beautiful Product

Maybe I’m in the minority because I love Leaf baseball cards. Leaf has some of the best looking cards especially when it comes to autographs and relics.

Some of the prospect products have inscriptions with the autographs that say things like, “Can’t wait to play at Wrigley Field,” or “#1 Draft Pick.”

Leaf Ultimate Draft was released recently, and I looked at the checklist and was pleasant surprised by the Chicago Cubs that are a part of the set.


First round draft pick Ed Howard and second round draft pick Burl Carraway are in the 2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft set. Additionally, prospects Richard Gallardo, Cory Abbott, and Miguel Amaya are joined by former Cubs superstar Sammy Sosa. There is one other prospect, formerly with the Cubs, Pedro Martinez, that is on the checklist though he is now with the Tampa Bay Rays organization. Martinez was on the Rays checklist for the break I was in, but it’s a card I will seek out to add to my Cubs collection (he’s pictured in a Cubs blue on his cards).

When Real Breaks announced last week it would be breaking a case of Leaf Ultimate Draft, I was excited. Real Breaks fills its breaks in extremely quick fashion. So, I had to set a push notification so I could type in Cubs as quickly as possible. When the post went I live I typed in Cubs immediately…maybe 30 seconds after it went live. I beat out the next person who typed Cubs by about five seconds. This is less than a minute after the post went live. That’s how fast their breaks fill.

Just a day before this break I found an Ed Howard from the Leaf Gold Rookies checklist from this product on eBay. It’s a beautiful card, and I have the Cole Roederer from the set released two years ago. I put an offer in for the Howard for $25 and it was declined (it was listed for around $35 shipped). First pack in the case break….BOOM!

2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Ed Howard Chicago Cubs

Ed Howard! Leaf Gold Rookie. It truly is a beautiful card, and Howard has a really nice signature. While the front of the card is great, I am not a fan of the card back. No bio, no trivia, no statistics. Nothing, really. I am curious why Leaf produced the cards with so little on the back.

2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Ed Howard Chicago Cubs

I could have gone home happy after the Ed Howard pull, but we had many more boxes to break. And then…another big hit. Brennen Davis is my favorite Cubs prospect along with Roederer. And here I get a Davis autograph numbered 32/50.

2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Brennen Davis Chicago Cubs baseball card

Richard Gallardo was signed by the Cubs in the international free agent signing period in 2018 as a 16-year old pitcher. He signed for $1 million and was the #5 ranked international prospect that summer. Gallardo has only appeared in 13 professional games in the United States (11 games in the Arizona Rookie League and 2 games with the Eugene Emeralds).


Despite his lack of track record in the game of baseball, there are 89 Richard Gallardo baseball cards that have been produced according to Trading Card Database.

2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Richard Gallardo Chicago Cubs prospect baseball card

Three cards was plenty, but I had one more hit in the case. A Cody Abbott autograph numbered 42/75. Abbott was much more advanced than Gallardo as the 2017 second round draft pick is on the brink of reaching the big leagues. Abbott pitched for double-A Tennessee during the 2019 season.

2020 Leaf Ultimate Draft Cory Abbott Chicago Cubs prospect baseball card

All in all it was a really fun break, and it leaves me in search of a couple cards from the set. I will be looking to snatch a Pedro Martinez, even though he is now in the Rays organization. I will also be on the lookout for Burl Carraway.

Black Friday Trading Card Deals

It’s Black Friday, and there are great sales to be found in more than just electronics and toys. Baseball cards, and all trading cards, can also be found for sale on various platforms. Here is a guide to find some sales on this day after Thanksgiving.

In a previous blog post, I talked highly of Blowout Cards’ Black Friday sales. It was a holiday for me from 2015 through 2019 waking up really early, putting on the coffee, and clicking refresh throughout the day to find a great buy. Unfortunately, Blowout Cards is not doing their annual sale keeping to a bland 10% storewide.


While disappointing, it’s understandable in the current trading card climate. Everything is selling, so discounts are not needed. However, just because Blowout took this year off, other online retailers are still offering deals.

One Million Cubs eBay Store – 20% Storewide This Weekend

First things first, I’ll toot my own horn. While you have always been able to grab volume discounts in my eBay Store (10% off 3+ items), this weekend I have marked all items, with the exception of 99 cents singles, on sale at 20% off. No gimmicks here. I did not increase prices to make it seem like a better deal than it is (looking at you, Blowout). All prices stayed the same, and the 20% off applies to every item (excluding 99 cents singles) regardless of price or volume you buy. This sale is good through Sunday (11/27/20) evening. And keep an eye out, because I will be adding inventory throughout the weekend.

Dave & Adams Card World

In years past, Dave & Adams Card World has been my number two Black Friday destination for trading card deals. One of my favorite sale was a few years ago grabbing 2009 Topps Update hobby boxes for $20 each. Dave & Adams will be releasing their deals in waves. The first wave unleashed this morning was popular as many items sold out quickly. Make sure to log on right at 6:00 p.m. EST for wave two tonight (Friday 11/27/20).

Steel City Collectibles

Steel City Collectibles is also a frequent stop for me for Black Friday deals. Quite a few items are marked down on their website including some deals on 2020 Topps Update. Panini Prizm Draft Picks basketball is also on sale.


Fanatics has been a go-to for me lately with their Panini Phoenix Fire Burst football set released a few weeks ago. Fanatics also had exclusive Prizm football boxes available in limited quantity last week. As of this writing there hasn’t been any deals on trading cards, but keep an eye out on the website.


Target & Wal-Mart

The big retailers have not marked down trading cards in the past, and do not expect them to in 2020. But…there are many products that are hot and could be reloaded on the websites at any time. Prizm football is a possibility, and anything basketball is hot. Target released a special exclusive NBA Hoops set on Wednesday that sold out in under two hours.


Happy Hunting

These are the sites I will be keeping an eye on today and through the weekend. COMC typically has some sales, although I have not partaken in years past. Are there any other sites you will be watching for card sales this weekend?

What Is The 1993 Topps Finest Gold Signature Series Box Set

One of my good friends is also involved in the baseball card hobby. In fact, the very first “collection” I ever bought went halfsies with Dave. We filled the back of his pickup truck with a bunch of junk wax boxes and sets from an antique store.

Dave reached out to me this summer and said the local auction house in western Illinois acquired a large collection of sports memorabilia, mostly sports cards, to auction. He was assisting in cataloging and pricing.


This collection wasn’t just junk wax – which there is a lot. It has some high end cards, like a 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth and a Gordie Howe rookie card. Both were sent to PSA to guarantee authentication and get graded before hitting the auction block.

The auction is currently live and ends on December 1, 2020. I have been monitoring the auction, but since it is online for 30 days, I am holding out until the final days as to not get my hopes up on being the high bidder at low amounts.

Kyle Kelso Auctioneer Sports Memorabilia Auction

Highlights include: 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth PSA 2, 1966 Topps Bobby Orr rookie PSA 2, vintage singles, unopened wax, and more.

Over the last couple months Dave has reached out a few times with questions over certain items. This weekend he reached out asking about a 1993 Topps Finest listing and asked if they were refractors.

1993 Topps Finest Gold Signature Series Collection

The listing never caught my eye in previous visits, so I took a look. It is 1993 Topps Finest Gold Signature Series. It’s a small box set and the cards come inside a screw down holder and the holder has a gold signature at the top. The signature is not an actual autograph, rather a facsimile etched in gold into the case.

1993 Topps Finest Gold Signature Series Nolan Ryan

The starting bid was set low and a couple weeks into the auction it is already up over $50, which surprised me at first glance.


Dave fed me a little more information he received from the auction house. The original owner kept the receipt. He paid $350 for this box set in 1993. That is a pretty penny, especially almost 30 years ago. That is almost $650 in today’s money.

1993 Topps Finest Gold Signature Series Collection

It appears the 1993 Topps Finest Signature Series complete set consists of 16 cards. From looking at the pictures in the auction the following players are included: David Cone, Barry Larkin, Doc Gooden, Cecil Fielder, Andre Dawson, Will Clark, Nolan Ryan, Dennis Eckersley, Barry Bonds, Frank Thomas, Cal Ripken Jr., Darryl Strawberry, Rickey Henderson, Tom Glavine, and one player I cannot make out.

Do you have any additional information about 1993 Topps Finest Gold Signature Series? What is its approximate value? What is the print run?

Baseball Card Blowout Sale – 99 Cent Singles

Are you looking for vintage baseball card and football card deals? Maybe top baseball prospects are what you are looking for? How about 1980’s and 1990’s superstars and rookies?

The One Million Cubs Project eBay Store is loaded with steals on trading cards from 99 cents with FREE SHIPPING. Around 5,000 baseball, football, basketball, hockey, wrestling, and even non sports can be found in the eBay Store.


Find deals in a special category consisting of only cards priced at 99 cents with free shipping.

You can pick up some amazing deals on 1974 Topps baseball cards and cards 301-660 from the 1974 Topps baseball set can be found here.

If you are into vintage football cards, get a deal on 1973 Topps.


How about basketball? Can you believe this 2018-19 Panini Silver Prizm Thon Maker is still available for 99 cents (as of 11/18/20)?

Store categories are also broken down into all of the Major League Baseball teams (except my beloved Chicago Cubs – those are not for sale) and NFL football teams.

Oh…and if you buy three or more cards you will get an automatic 10% off at checkout!

2020 Bowman Draft First Edition Checklist and Preview

Once again Topps has released an online exclusive product. Collectors are buying everything so Topps continues to feed the beast. We are the beasts eating up everything Topps throws at us. I am a sucker for Bowman, so I ordered some 2020 Bowman Draft First Edition.


What Is Bowman Draft First Edition

First edition is a newly created product in 2020 that began with Bowman First Edition ahead of the flagship Bowman release. The cards are basically the same as the parent version only with a stamp “1st Edition,” and sold exclusively on the Topps website. The product sold out a few hours after it was released.

Cost of Bowman Draft First Edition

Unlike other online exclusives, Bowman Draft First Edition was sold for a reasonable price of $15 per pack. Each pack contains 10 cards.

Chicago Cubs Checklist Preview

This product will be the first Bowman cards of 2020 Chicago Cubs draft picks Ed Howard, Burl Carraway, Luke Little, and Jordan Nwogu. Also on the checklist are Miguel Amaya, Ryan Jensen, and Brennen Davis. Hopefully we get to see a different image on the Davis card as his previous two Bowman cards have been the same image.


2020 Bowman Draft First Edition Checklist

BD-1 Niko Hulsizer Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-2 Jackson Kowar Kansas City Royals®
BD-3 Korey Lee Houston Astros®
BD-4 Milan Tolentino Cleveland Indians®
BD-5 Jeter Downs Boston Red Sox®
BD-6 Hans Crouse Texas Rangers®
BD-7 Mike Siani Cincinnati Reds®
BD-8 Dane Acker Oakland Athletics™
BD-9 Ryan Jensen Chicago Cubs®
BD-10 Shane Baz Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-11 Trei Cruz Detroit Tigers®
BD-12 Emerson Hancock Seattle Mariners™
BD-13 Joey Cantillo Cleveland Indians®
BD-14 Nick Loftin Kansas City Royals®
BD-15 Rece Hinds Cincinnati Reds®
BD-16 Jared Shuster Atlanta Braves™
BD-17 Jesse Franklin V Atlanta Braves™
BD-18 Kaden Polcovich Seattle Mariners™
BD-19 Ben Hernandez Kansas City Royals®
BD-20 Spencer Strider Atlanta Braves™
BD-21 Tyler Brown Houston Astros®
BD-22 Keoni Cavaco Minnesota Twins®
BD-23 Case Williams Colorado Rockies™
BD-24 Cade Cavalli Washington Nationals®
BD-25 Burl Carraway Chicago Cubs®
BD-26 Daniel Espino Cleveland Indians®
BD-27 Oswald Peraza New York Yankees®
BD-28 Zach DeLoach Seattle Mariners™
BD-29 Nick Yorke Boston Red Sox®
BD-30 Clayton Beeter Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-31 Joe Ryan Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-32 Jordan Groshans Toronto Blue Jays®
BD-33 Gage Workman Detroit Tigers®
BD-34 Austin Hendrick Cincinnati Reds®
BD-35 Jimmy Glowenke San Francisco Giants®
BD-36 Ryan Rolison Colorado Rockies™
BD-37 Logan Gilbert Seattle Mariners™
BD-38 Bobby Miller Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-39 Robert Hassell San Diego Padres™
BD-40 JJ Goss Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-41 Reid Detmers Angels®
BD-42 Michael Busch Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-43 Chris McMahon Colorado Rockies™
BD-44 Xavier Edwards Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-45 Alec Burleson St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-46 Freddy Zamora Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-47 Travis Swaggerty Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-48 Sammy Infante Washington Nationals®
BD-49 Owen Caissie San Diego Padres™
BD-50 Max Meyer Miami Marlins®
BD-51 Logan Allen Cleveland Indians®
BD-52 Landon Knack Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-53 Quinn Priester Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-54 Colt Keith Detroit Tigers®
BD-55 Jarren Duran Boston Red Sox®
BD-56 Austin Wells New York Yankees®
BD-57 Jordan Walker St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-58 Jordan Balazovic Minnesota Twins®
BD-59 Masyn Winn St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-60 Carson Tucker Cleveland Indians®
BD-61 Nick Bitsko Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-62 Daniel Cabrera Detroit Tigers®
BD-63 Marco Raya Minnesota Twins®
BD-64 Kyle Nicolas Miami Marlins®
BD-65 Oneil Cruz Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-66 Hunter Barnhart Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-67 Cole Henry Washington Nationals®
BD-68 Tristen Lutz Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-69 Petey Halpin Cleveland Indians®
BD-70 Jared Jones Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-71 Connor Phillips Seattle Mariners™
BD-72 Pete Crow-Armstrong New York Mets®
BD-73 Casey Martin Philadelphia Phillies®
BD-74 Bryce Bonnin Cincinnati Reds®
BD-75 Daniel Lynch Kansas City Royals®
BD-76 Tekoah Roby Texas Rangers®
BD-77 Isaiah Greene New York Mets®
BD-78 Tyler Freeman Cleveland Indians®
BD-79 Heliot Ramos San Francisco Giants®
BD-80 Miguel Amaya Chicago Cubs®
BD-81 Nick Gonzales Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-82 DL Hall Baltimore Orioles®
BD-83 Triston Casas Boston Red Sox®
BD-84 Christian Chamberlain Kansas City Royals®
BD-85 Slade Cecconi Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-86 Tink Hence St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-87 Adisyn Coffey Chicago White Sox®
BD-88 Asa Lacy Kansas City Royals®

BD-89 Geraldo Perdomo Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-90 Nick Garcia Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-91 Nick Swiney San Francisco Giants®
BD-92 Matthew Dyer New York Mets®
BD-93 CJ Van Eyk Toronto Blue Jays®
BD-94 Alerick Soularie Minnesota Twins®
BD-95 Garrett Crochet Chicago White Sox®
BD-96 Ian Seymour Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-97 Zavier Warren Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-98 Ed Howard Chicago Cubs®
BD-99 Justin Lange San Diego Padres™
BD-100 Ian Bedell St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-101 Aaron Shortridge Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-102 Trevor Larnach Minnesota Twins®

BD-103 David Calabrese Angels®
BD-104 Quin Cotton Cincinnati Reds®
BD-105 Luke Little Chicago Cubs®
BD-106 Drew Romo Colorado Rockies™
BD-107 Zac Veen Colorado Rockies™
BD-108 Brady McConnell Kansas City Royals®
BD-109 Sam Weatherly Colorado Rockies™
BD-110 Jordan Nwogu Chicago Cubs®
BD-111 Jordan Westburg Baltimore Orioles®
BD-112 Zach McCambley Miami Marlins®
BD-113 Trevor Hauver New York Yankees®
BD-114 Corbin Carroll Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-115 Tanner Burns Cleveland Indians®
BD-116 Jackson Miller Cincinnati Reds®
BD-117 Carter Baumler Baltimore Orioles®
BD-118 Garrett Mitchell Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-119 Tyler Soderstrom Oakland Athletics™
BD-120 Holden Powell Washington Nationals®
BD-121 Spencer Torkelson Detroit Tigers®
BD-122 Heston Kjerstad Baltimore Orioles®
BD-123 Alexander Canario San Francisco Giants®
BD-124 Justin Foscue Texas Rangers®
BD-125 Levi Prater St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-126 Evan Carter Texas Rangers®
BD-127 Bryce Jarvis Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-128 Werner Blakely Angels®
BD-129 Casey Schmitt San Francisco Giants®
BD-130 Hudson Haskin Baltimore Orioles®
BD-131 Daxton Fulton Miami Marlins®
BD-132 Luis Gil New York Yankees®
BD-133 Zach Daniels Houston Astros®
BD-134 Jeff Criswell Oakland Athletics™
BD-135 Shane McClanahan Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-136 Alika Williams Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-137 Gilberto Jimenez Boston Red Sox®
BD-138 Trent Palmer Toronto Blue Jays®
BD-139 Alex Santos Houston Astros®
BD-140 Bryson Stott Philadelphia Phillies®
BD-141 Ethan Hankins Cleveland Indians®
BD-142 Kody Hoese Los Angeles Dodgers®
BD-143 Francisco Alvarez New York Mets®
BD-144 Dillon Dingler Detroit Tigers®
BD-145 Carson Ragsdale Philadelphia Phillies®
BD-146 Patrick Bailey San Francisco Giants®
BD-147 Liam Norris Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-148 RJ Dabovich San Francisco Giants®
BD-149 Carmen Mlodzinski Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-150 AJ Vukovich Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-151 Jasson Dominguez New York Yankees®
BD-152 Bobby Witt Jr. Kansas City Royals®
BD-153 Andrew Vaughn Chicago White Sox®
BD-154 Adley Rutschman Baltimore Orioles®
BD-155 Robert Puason Oakland Athletics™
BD-156 Jay Groome Boston Red Sox®
BD-157 Will Klein Kansas City Royals®
BD-158 Zach Britton Toronto Blue Jays®
BD-159 Owen Miller Cleveland Indians®
BD-160 Logan Hofmann Pittsburgh Pirates®
BD-161 Ronaldo Hernandez Tampa Bay Rays™
BD-162 Jack Blomgren Colorado Rockies™
BD-163 Adam Seminaris Angels®
BD-164 Bailey Horn Chicago White Sox®
BD-165 Joe Boyle Cincinnati Reds®
BD-166 Ryan Murphy San Francisco Giants®
BD-167 Thomas Saggese Texas Rangers®
BD-168 George Kirby Seattle Mariners™
BD-169 Jeremiah Jackson Angels®
BD-170 Shane Drohan Boston Red Sox®
BD-171 Brandon Pfaadt Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-172 Blake Rutherford Chicago White Sox®
BD-173 Hayden Cantrelle Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-174 Mark Vientos New York Mets®
BD-175 Michael Toglia Colorado Rockies™
BD-176 Mitchell Parker Washington Nationals®
BD-177 Jackson Rutledge Washington Nationals®
BD-178 Anthony Volpe New York Yankees®
BD-179 Nick Lodolo Cincinnati Reds®
BD-180 Riley Greene Detroit Tigers®
BD-181 JJ Bleday Miami Marlins®
BD-182 Kyle Isbel Kansas City Royals®
BD-183 Shea Langeliers Atlanta Braves™
BD-184 Brett Baty New York Mets®
BD-185 Jerar Encarnacion Miami Marlins®
BD-186 Aaron Ashby Milwaukee Brewers™
BD-187 Brennen Davis Chicago Cubs®
BD-188 Julio Rodriguez Seattle Mariners™
BD-189 CJ Abrams San Diego Padres™
BD-190 Marco Luciano San Francisco Giants®
BD-191 Grayson Rodriguez Baltimore Orioles®
BD-192 Kristian Robinson Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-193 Jordyn Adams Angels®
BD-194 Nolan Gorman St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-195 Alek Thomas Arizona Diamondbacks®
BD-196 Hunter Greene Cincinnati Reds®
BD-197 Josh Jung Texas Rangers®
BD-198 Matthew Liberatore St. Louis Cardinals®
BD-199 Ronny Mauricio New York Mets®
BD-200 Hunter Bishop San Francisco Giants®

Chrome First Edition Autograph Checklist

CDA-AL Asa Lacy Kansas City Royals®
CDA-BJA Bryce Jarvis Arizona Diamondbacks®
CDA-CCA Cade Cavalli Washington Nationals®
CDA-CS Casey Schmitt San Francisco Giants®
CDA-CT Carson Tucker Cleveland Indians®
CDA-JC Jeff Criswell Oakland Athletics™
CDA-JF Justin Foscue Texas Rangers®
CDA-JS Jared Shuster Atlanta Braves™
CDA-MM Max Meyer Miami Marlins®
CDA-NB Nick Bitsko Tampa Bay Rays™
CDA-PB Patrick Bailey San Francisco Giants®
CDA-RD Reid Detmers Angels®
CDA-RHA Robert Hassell San Diego Padres™
CDA-ST Spencer Torkelson Detroit Tigers®
CDA-ZD Zach DeLoach Seattle Mariners™
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I’m A Buyer

Bowman Draft First Edition was not a product I was initially going to chase. After perusing the checklist and seeing the Cubs players on it, I had to buy. I am very excited to see this year’s draft picks, as well as another Brennen Davis card to add to the collection. More so, because Bowman Draft is a product priced out of what I am willing to pay, so having something similar at a discounted price is very appealing. I bought 20 packs and look forward to ripping 2020 Bowman Draft First Edition.

2021 Baseball Hall of Fame – Bonds & Clemens To Cooperstown

The 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot was unveiled on Monday, November 16. We always know who will be eligible for the ballot, so no surprises among the names included.

For the past seven years, at least one first-year eligible player has been elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. A total of 13 players in those seven years are first ballot Hall of Famers. That run comes to an end in 2021, as there are not any names that will make it in. First timers on the ballot include: Mark Buehrle, Tim Hudson, Torii Hunter, Aramis Ramirez, and Barry Zito.


Could this be a year that nobody gets enshrined from this list of names? It very well could be, but unlikely in my opinion. I think one player be elected in this class and it will be on his ninth ballot: Curt Schilling.

2021 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

Schilling was very close being elected in 2020 receiving 73.7% of votes (75% is needed). With a few first-time voters and a lack of shoo-in candidates, Schilling should get to that threshold of 75% and get in.

What about Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens? These two are tied together because both have the shadow of alleged steroid use and they entered Hall of Fame ballots for the first time in 2013. Bonds and Clemens have two years left on the ballot. Last year, they reached only 64.1% and 63.8%, respectively. My thought is each will gain a few more votes, but fall shy of election this year. Next year could very well be the year Bonds and Clemens get into Cooperstown – which will be their final year of eligibility.

The rest of the field is a toss up. Scott Rolen? Omar Vizquel? Rolen will eventually get in. I think Rolen will be the next Larry Walker in that he will continue to gain votes year after year and eventually be enshrined. This year marks the fourth year on the ballot for both Rolen and Vizquel. Rolen received 39.8% of votes last year and Vizquel acheived 52.7% a year ago.


Todd Helton and Gary Sheffield both received a little more than 30% of votes last year, and Jeff Kent and Manny Ramirez hovered on the under side of 30%.

I expect all of the aforementioned players to gain ground on last year’s vote totals, but fall short in the end. My prediction is Curt Schilling is the only player on the list that exceeds 75% of the vote, with Bonds and Clemens getting closer but fall short. The others continue to gain ground and may get the call in a few years.

That’s my prediction on how things may shake out with the actual Hall of Fame voters. What if I had a vote? I would select nine players. Why not 10? Last year, I felt there were about 15 players I would have voted for, but not this year. Here’s what my ballot would like.

Barry Bonds

1986 Topps Traded Barry Bonds

First ballot Hall of Famer in my opinion. Bonds was a no doubt Hall of Famer before he allegedly took performance enhancing drugs. Now we know that PED’s were rampant in the game during the 1990’s. The Baseball Strike of 1994 hurt MLB greatly and fans did not return until 1998 for the home run chase. The home run chase was likely fueled by those PED’s and a blind eye was turned. Fast forward a few years and now it’s a scarlet letter for any player even rumored to have been around players that were guilty of using. Let them in!


Roger Clemens

1986 Donruss Roger Clemens

Clemens was a pitcher. He had to face many players that either tested positive or strongly rumored to have used PED’s. And he still put up Hall of Fame stats. Let him in!

Curt Schilling

1990 Score Curt Schilling

Another deserving player that should be enshrined in Cooperstown. Schilling was so close to election in 2020. It seems his politics and Twitter account likely turn off many voters. But look at his 20-year career: 216 wins, 3,116 strikeouts, Cy Young runner-up three times. How about this clutch postseason line: 11-2, 2.23 ERA, 120K/25BB in the MLB Playoffs.

Todd Helton

After the first three players above it gets a little murky for me, so I am not going to rank them in order on where they stand. Todd Helton is one of those players that you can convince me he’s a Hall of Famer…and you could convince me he falls short of enshrinement. Helton was among the game’s best for a 5-year stretch from 2000-2004 where he appeared in every All Star Game during that time (the only five appearances in his 17-year career), and was a top-10 National League MVP vote getter three times.


His career stats don’t scream Hall of Famer: 2,516 hits and 369 home runs, but does hold a very impressive .316 lifetime batting average. When you check his player similarity scores on Baseball Reference the list of 10 players contains six Hall of Famers. Helton, to me, falls into that category where I think he should be in because other players are enshrined (Harold Baines in the Hall of Fame has started many of these arguments).

Manny Ramirez

1995 Fleer Manny Ramirez

Okay…less murky after looking over the stats for Manny Ramirez. He’s a lock for me. That is because I’m okay with the PED guys getting in. It’s not allegedly for Manny Ramirez as he was suspended twice for testing positive for PED’s. Still…555 career home runs, 12-time All Star, a batting title, and a top five finisher for league MVP in four seasons he has my (non existent) vote.

Scott Rolen

Another guy with sneaky good stats. Rolen has a Rookie of the Year (full disclosure: so does Bob Hamelin), eight gold gloves, and seven All Star Game appearances. He also has a career WAR 70.1 with 316 home runs and a lifetime .281 batting average.

Gary Sheffield

1989 Topps Gary Sheffield

Gary Sheffield will likely never be enshrined in Cooperstown because he wins the triple crown in categories that keeps players off of ballots: Sheffield was named in the Mitchell Report after adamantly denying his use of PEDs, he was not well liked by the media, and he was a clubhouse cancer in multiple stops during his career. Since my ballot is strictly on numbers, I’ve got Sheffield on mine with his batting title, 509 home runs, and 253 stolen bases.

Sammy Sosa

A bit of bias here since Sammy Sosa was the player that brought me back as a fan of baseball during the summer of 1998. Sosa was a prima donna and likely didn’t make many favorite teammate lists. Of course, he also has that steroid cloud hanging over him. But let’s look at the numbers: 609 home runs, 1,667 RBI, a seven-time All Star and National League MVP winner. Those are good credentials. I doubt Sammy Sosa ever gets elected, but I would at least like the organization to welcome him back as part of the Cubs family.


Omar Vizquel

Another guy I think will eventually get elected to the Hall of Fame. Might as well do it now. His career stats won’t be changing. If he’s not a Hall of Famer now, what makes him a Hall of Famer a few years down the road? That’s one thing I never understood about the voters. If there is a logjam of Hall of Fame talent on the ballot…sure, but there’s usually not. Vizquel has respectable numbers mostly known for his defense (11 Gold Gloves). He falls into the “If Harold Baines is in…” category.

Why Am I Wrong?

This is the fun part. Hall of Fame ballot reaction. What do you think of my nine selections? Why not a 10th? Who did I snub? Who doesn’t belong? Let me know your thoughts.

2020 Panini Contenders Baseball Review

While I was out and about searching for retail baseball cards, I stumbled upon some recently released blaster boxes of 2020 Panini Contenders baseball cards.


Panini Contenders is an okay product, and since I was only able to find a little bit of Topps Update, I wanted to pick up some Contenders for the rip. Just an enjoyment rip.

Panini Contenders, in my opinion, is probably the ugliest design of all baseball products. Still, I do like the content and I wanted to pull some Cubs cards. Moreso, this product has cards and autographs of 2020 Cubs first round draft pick Ed Howard.

It is a fun rip for a $20 blaster box and you are even guaranteed an autograph in each box (*on average). Fortunately, I did pull an autograph out of each box. Unfortunately, all four autos are redemptions.

Of the four autograph redemptions, the Sam Hilliard sold quickly on eBay for $7. I know the buyer, Beth, as we have conducted several trades and she said it was find to just send her the code without mailing the redemption card. The Jesus Luzardo redemption just sold for $9. Both Isan Diaz redemptions are still available in my eBay Store.


Let’s get to the Cubbies! A Kris Bryant season ticket card. There’s just a lot going on here, and I don’t quite understand the season ticket angle. Does Game 27, Section 230, Row 65, Seat 17 have any meaning?

The Javier Baez season ticket card also features Game 27, with a different seat. Always nice to add another Baez card to my collection.

And Anthony Rizzo is Game 30. This is my least favorite of the three as the Rizzo image is really bland. At least on the Bryant you can see part of his last name and jersey number on his jersey, and his “17” in red on his ankle guard. Plus there’s his brown belt, so it adds some different color. This Rizzo is just blue and gray. Really boring.


I scored, though, as I pulled a second Javier Baez. This from the Winning Tickets insert set. I like this design much better than the Season Ticket design.

After opening these boxes, I did go shopping. Stay tuned for what I found.