Largest Trade Hauls In Nearly 4,000 Cubs Cards

Many of my bulk team trades involve a medium flat rate box. Pretty simple to fill these boxes and I haven’t found too many collectors that have around 4,000 Cubs cards to quickly throw in a large flat rate box. Until now. Rick from Dover, New Hampshire reached out via email a few weeks agoContinue reading “Largest Trade Hauls In Nearly 4,000 Cubs Cards”

Saturday Morning Sorting Unearths a Stack of Hits

Among my favorite weekly activities is sorting baseball cards on Saturday mornings. It began a few years ago when I dived back into the hobby at full speed. I had bought a couple large Craigslist lots and had plenty of sorting to keep me busy. My card area at our previous house was a sectionContinue reading “Saturday Morning Sorting Unearths a Stack of Hits”

Friday Cubs Mailday With Some Sandberg and Maddux

Rachel in Washington sent a package that arrived today with 93 Cubs cards inside. The package included cards from the 1990’s with a 6-pack of Ryne Sandberg. Another superstar from the era was represented with 11 Greg Maddux cards. I love oddball cards and these are great: 1989 Rookies. The National League Rookie of theContinue reading “Friday Cubs Mailday With Some Sandberg and Maddux”

Bulk Trade Brings In A Couple Cubs Autographs

Another flat rate box trade was completed this week. This trade brought in 1,774 more Cubs in exchange for Texas Rangers with Greg in Texas. My favorite card in this lot was a 1985 Topps Tiffany Shawon Dunston rookie card. This is one of my favorite Cubs cards of all time, and I don’t haveContinue reading “Bulk Trade Brings In A Couple Cubs Autographs”

The 1981 Quad City Cubs

Vintage minor league baseball cards has been another quest of mine in terms of the One Million Cubs Project. Technically, 1981 isn’t “vintage,” but I consider it vintage when it comes to minor league cards. The Quad City Cubs were always an object of curiosity growing up. John O’Donnell Stadium (now Modern Woodmen Park) wasContinue reading “The 1981 Quad City Cubs”

The Ebay Rabbit Hole Cubs Shopping Spree Cards Are In

Last week I blogged about jumping into a rabbit hole that led to a shopping spree on eBay. It all started with a Bobby Brownlie search that led me to an eBay seller with a Brownlie Bowman autographed card, and many other Cubs prospects that missed from that era. Not only that, he had aContinue reading “The Ebay Rabbit Hole Cubs Shopping Spree Cards Are In”

One Million Cubs Project Weekend Update

Last week brought in a One Million Cubs Project record 7,834 Cubs cards to surpass the total over 100,000 cards. This week’s total was much less, though it’s a nice number that I would like to sustain on average. A total of 2,180 Cubs cards were added this week. That number was attained despite comingContinue reading “One Million Cubs Project Weekend Update”