Medium Flat Rate Box Monday

Mailday Monday saw two Cubs packages. One bubble mailer featured a Carl Edwards Jr. Gypsy Queen autograph that I was high bidder on eBay. It used the last couple eBay bucks I had left in my account. The other package was a medium flat rate box from Travis in San Diego, California. We worked outContinue reading “Medium Flat Rate Box Monday”

One Million Cubs Project Mailday Box Break of Hits Video

As I juggle a few different hobby tasks, there has been one package (actually two – same purchase) that I’ve been sitting on because I need to do a blog. A simple blog post or two wouldn’t do the package justice and would be image overload. So, taking a page from Bean’s Ballcard Blog, whoContinue reading “One Million Cubs Project Mailday Box Break of Hits Video”

Beers and Baseball Cards on a Friday Night

Topps Chrome is a product that I don’t get too excited about. I’ll pick up a couple blasters and that’s about it. This year I didn’t plan on buying any, but reached out on twitter asking thoughts on this year’s retail. An overwhelming positive response had me excited to grab a few blasters this weekend.Continue reading “Beers and Baseball Cards on a Friday Night”

By the Numbers: One Million Cubs Project Update

The mailbox was empty on Friday, which allows me to catch up on the By the Numbers segment. Don’t worry, I won’t be completely shutout of new Cubs cards. A post-work visit to Target found me buying five blaster boxes of 2018 Topps Chrome that was released this week. So today’s update was what wasContinue reading “By the Numbers: One Million Cubs Project Update”

One Million Cubs Project Daily and Weekly Stats

Over the past couple weeks I have been stretched hobby thin. Between boxes of Allen & Ginter, trades, and acquiring Cubs cards, it’s been tough to do the blog reviews on a daily basis the way I had been doing. Initially, in a project such as this, I envisioned keeping detailed stats of the projectContinue reading “One Million Cubs Project Daily and Weekly Stats”

South Bends Cubs Baseball Card Clearance

For those that collect minor league baseball cards, visiting each minor league affiliate’s team store is a good place to get some discounted team sets. Typically, previous year’s sets (if still available) are much less than what you would find on eBay or a minor league dealer’s inventory. Since I had a few bucks leftContinue reading “South Bends Cubs Baseball Card Clearance”

An Unexpected Peoria Chiefs Mailday

Last week an old buddy from Galesburg, Illinois tipped me off that a package was on its way. Matt and I have made a couple swaps recently, as I’ve sent him a bunch of Tony Gwynn in return for Cubs. In the last package he filled it up with a bunch of Peoria Chiefs autographedContinue reading “An Unexpected Peoria Chiefs Mailday”