Tom in New York Delivers the Cubs

After getting into a few breaks last week (Elite Extra Edition and Bowman Draft), I decided to start collecting Cole Roederer (along with my Dylan Cease, Javier Baez, and Ryne Sandberg player collections). So, I went shopping as Roederer showed up in those two products along with the recently released Leaf Metal Draft. Perusing eBay,Continue reading “Tom in New York Delivers the Cubs”

Micro Monday and a Blank Back in a Box

Two packages showed up Monday as we are in the home stretch of 2018. My initial Cubs card goal for 2018 was 250,000. That number was adjusted after a couple months into the project as I decided to make it a five-year plan. My 200,000 card goal was surpassed last month, and the 250,000 cardContinue reading “Micro Monday and a Blank Back in a Box”

Tips For Saving Money On Card Supplies

After a few big trades that wiped out my already sorted boxes of a few teams, Sunday morning is being spent going through boxes to replenish the supply for more trades. Card supplies can get expensive, especially if your collection numbers two million cards. So, I’m always looking for ways to save money. Obviously, buyingContinue reading “Tips For Saving Money On Card Supplies”

Playing Catch Up and Breaking Topps Heritage Minors

It’s been a slow week for adding Cubs cards to the collection. Just three packages have arrived this week, and all arrived on the same day. I did participate in a couple 2018 Elite Extra Edition Cubs breaks. Nothing too flashy, but was happy with my Cubs results and can’t wait for them to arrive.Continue reading “Playing Catch Up and Breaking Topps Heritage Minors”

Pre-War, Javy, and Ryno

After a slow start to the week, the mailman delivered some Cubs goodies on Wednesday. Justin in Indiana sent over a new Ryne Sandberg for my collection. This is a 2004 Studio Heritage numbered 665/999. I’ll be sending an Ohtani in return. I’ve heard so many good things about Twins Jake on Twitter, so IContinue reading “Pre-War, Javy, and Ryno”

Lou Brock's Memorable Debut With The St. Cloud Rox

Brock for Broglio. Even though the swap occurred almost 55 years ago, it’s a haunting reminder of when trades go wrong….really wrong. The Chicago Cubs shipped a young Lou Brock down to the St. Louis Cardinals for Ernie Broglio. Six players switched uniforms in the deal altogether. Along with Brock, Paul Toth and Jack SpringContinue reading “Lou Brock's Memorable Debut With The St. Cloud Rox”

Over 9,500 Cubs Cards Added This Weekend

Four packages and an in-person trade added 9,638 Cubs cards to the collection. A majority of the cards (9,000) came in an in-person trade that had been brewing for a month. The trade was with Chris from Galva, Illinois through a Facebook group. I grew up near Galva and had a trip home planned, soContinue reading “Over 9,500 Cubs Cards Added This Weekend”

Flat Tuesday: Cubs Flat Rate Boxes

It was a two for Tuesday with flat rate boxes. John in Indiana and Trevor from Twitter shipped a total of 1,583 Cubs cards my way. Trevor made my day with a much larger stack of Cubs than I expected. He sent 417 altogether including some Javy Baez. The only thing I had sent toContinue reading “Flat Tuesday: Cubs Flat Rate Boxes”