Monday's Mailday Brings Three Packages from Twitter

Three more packages arrived on Monday filled with goodies sent by Twitter followers. Shane in Massachusetts sent a package with some goodies! This will be our second trade. Shane is the 80’s Oddball guru and I’ve learned about several 80’s issues by following him. One oddball inside is from 2001 and is a stadium giveawayContinue reading “Monday's Mailday Brings Three Packages from Twitter”

Chicago Sports Spectacular Review Part 1: Vintage

While I posted a running blog from my weekend at the Chicago Sports Spectacular, I didn’t get into much detail. Also, it was difficult finding time to post as I was busy scouring boxes of cards. I probably only fully checked out half of the vendor booths on Saturday. My budget was also spent Saturday,Continue reading “Chicago Sports Spectacular Review Part 1: Vintage”

Pre-Chicago Show Friday Mailday

What an exciting weekend for my baseball card collecting hobby. As I prepared to leave for the suburbs for the Chicago Sports Spectacular and Club 400 Christmas Party, I didn’t even have time to open my mail. In all, five packages came. Three were Cubs cards via trade, a box from Blowout Cards containing sixContinue reading “Pre-Chicago Show Friday Mailday”

Chicago Sports Spectacular Live Blog

Happy Friday fellow collectors and Cubs fans. It’s been a busy November, and it’s going to be packed full of the hobby this weekend. After work I’ll be hitting the road for Rosemont, Illinois for the Chicago Sports Spectacular. It’s a card show with several sports superstars and former stars in attendance signing for fees.Continue reading “Chicago Sports Spectacular Live Blog”

One Million Cubs Project Is Heating Up

Last week was a bit slower in terms of Cubs cards added to the collection and overall maildays. However; it was a great week of the project being spotlighted. For several weeks I’ve been talking with Stewart from Club 400 on making an appearance on his podcast. With scheduling conflicts on each side over aboutContinue reading “One Million Cubs Project Is Heating Up”

High End Cubs Box from Paul in Louisiana

Paul in Louisiana sent me a package a few months ago that included a Joe Tinker T206. He’s up to it again with a high end package of Cubs cards. It was delivered in a medium flat rate box. Inside was a 400-count box and a bubble mailer. Assuming the bubble mailer contained hits, IContinue reading “High End Cubs Box from Paul in Louisiana”

Early Morning Sorting and a Cubs Mailday from Maine

Early mornings are most productive for me. It’s probably because my first career was in radio and I hosted a morning show for a decade. Several days a week I wake up early, brew a pot of coffee and descend upon my basement and sort cards. Currently I’m hustling to pile up thousands of RedContinue reading “Early Morning Sorting and a Cubs Mailday from Maine”

7-Up, Sandberg, Stickers, and Vintage

Monday’s Mailday was filled with variety contained in four packages of all sizes. Cubs cards arrived in the form of a medium flat rate box, small flat rate box, bubble mailer, and plain white envelope (PWE). More than 1,600 Cubs cards came from David in Elmhust, Illinois. It wasn’t just a flat rate box…okay itContinue reading “7-Up, Sandberg, Stickers, and Vintage”

#MerryCardsmas Preview: 24-Hour Flash Twitter Giveaway – American League Rookie of the Year Edition

The holidays are my favorite time of the year. This year has been a lot of fun collecting as many Chicago Cubs baseball cards as I can via buying and trading. Many collectors have been very generous and given me some great deals in my journey to collect one million Cubs cards. So, I haveContinue reading “#MerryCardsmas Preview: 24-Hour Flash Twitter Giveaway – American League Rookie of the Year Edition”